The ‘Star Trek Translator’ becomes real as a new Skype app

If we check over the modern literature, we can easily find few examples of tools which are able to translate a real-time conversation between people who are speaking different languages. For example, captain Kirk from Star Trek series used a handheld ‘Universal translator’ to communicate with an incorporeal entity called Companion, whilst Arthur Dent and other characters of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books had a small creature called ‘Babel fish’ that translated any given language by sending signals directly into one’s brain. Nevertheless, those conveniences were just parts of … Read more

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Google unseats Apple as world’s No. 1 brand

Google is that type of company which would do anything to bowl everyone over. And it’s worth the effort. Google is the most valuable brand in the world now! In an annual battle of big names in the business world, Google finally dethroned Apple, which had held the top spot for the past three years. According to a communications company Milliward Brown, which compiles the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brand chart since 2006, Google has been surprising and delighting us steadily delivering breakthrough innovation, whereas Apple slowed down from… Read more

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Users vs. Antivirus: Another struggle for our confidential information

Nowadays, more than ever before, it seems that common Internet and PC users totally lost their fight for confidentiality of their personal information. After finding out that we are being watched by the tech giant Google, many mobile providers and applications, or American NSA, there is another Big Brother on the cyber playground – your antivirus program. Indeed, the same software which is meant to protect you from data loss and leak can send your private files to … Read more

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Fair of the Friend Cultures in Mexico City

87 countries have participated in the Fair of the Friend Cultures in Mexico City in May, 2014. In 16 days 2 million visitors have come to the center of the city, to one of the biggest squares in the world named Zocalo. Every day artists and representatives from their nations, were performing interesting songs and dances from their cultures; more than 200 shows were performed during the fair.

TrustPort Mexico attended the fair together with… Read more

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It’s not the police going after you, it’s just ransomware

Can you imagine the shock when you turn on your PC and suddenly, an accusatory message from FBI appears on the screen and stops you from using any programs and your entire computer system? Or what about a warning from Police Cybercrime Division, saying that your computer has been blocked due to suspicion of downloading pirated software? You might be even blamed of viewing or distributing prohibited pornographic content! The only solution that can save you from being arrested is to… Read more

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Google’s drones: Is it another military-style tool to spy on people?

Lingering controversies about Google-military connections and contracts are stirring up again. After purchasing Boston Dynamics, a robotics pioneer that produces amazing humanoid robots for the U.S. Defense Department a few months ago, Google has bought Titan Aerospace, a company that develops military-style drones. The New Mexican startup that makes high-flying robots was expected to be acquired by Facebook, nevertheless the social networking giant disclosed its own purchase of a U.K.-based company Ascenta which produces high altitude drones as well. From now on, Google will be equipped with… Read more

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Just a click can cost you a fortune

One of the trickiest and most dangerous things about hacker attacks, and a common denominator of the successful ones, is their invisibility and furtiveness. How can you fight against something you cannot see? How to advert danger which is extremely hard to notice? It is not easy staying safe on the Internet, but a good starting point for being a little safer is to get to know the enemies and their possible armament. One of the weapons which strike covertly is… Read more

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Don’t let your heart bleed thanks to the Heartbleed Bug

The current number one topic for most of the security experts is the so called Heartbleed Bug. It is a serious mistake of the OpenSSL security library. Cyber criminals could potentially steal the access data of two-thirds of all internet users worldwide. Why is this impact so gigantic? It is because OpenSSL belongs to the… Read more

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A new way to secret data leads through a ‘watering hole’

Just as we have gotten used to direct hacker attacks against companies and individuals, and we have finally learned how to face them, a brand new security threat has occurred. So called ‘watering holes’ are becoming increasingly popular among hackers. The watering hole attack is extremely hard to detect and is initiated against companies and organizations by compromising a selected website by placing malicious code within the page that will launch an attack on visitors. However, the infected website is not the… Read more

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Widespread security threats 2014

Information technologies have been on the rise constantly and almost everybody is willy-nilly and influenced by them. Lets see, what online threats can we expect as common this year. In the following list, nothing is utterly new, still it is useful to… Read more

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