Don’t let your heart bleed thanks to the Heartbleed Bug

The current number one topic for most of the security experts is the so called Heartbleed Bug. It is a serious mistake of the OpenSSL security library. Cyber criminals could potentially steal the access data of two-thirds of all internet users worldwide. Why is this impact so gigantic? It is because OpenSSL belongs to the… Read more

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A new way to secret data leads through a ‘watering hole’

Just as we have gotten used to direct hacker attacks against companies and individuals, and we have finally learned how to face them, a brand new security threat has occurred. So called ‘watering holes’ are becoming increasingly popular among hackers. The watering hole attack is extremely hard to detect and is initiated against companies and organizations by compromising a selected website by placing malicious code within the page that will launch an attack on visitors. However, the infected website is not the… Read more

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Widespread security threats 2014

Information technologies have been on the rise constantly and almost everybody is willy-nilly and influenced by them. Lets see, what online threats can we expect as common this year. In the following list, nothing is utterly new, still it is useful to… Read more

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Security troubles of bank institutions

New technologies these days interfere in more and more areas of common life and it is the same with finances. This trend is visible especially in the relationship between banks and their clients. Clients more often want to communicate with their bank through online channels, and they expect comfortable electronic interactions and easy access to their data. On the other side, banks which try to satisfy their client’s needs, react to these demands by… Read more

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RESULT OF VB100 COMPARATIVE REVIEW (October 2013): TrustPort Antivirus got the silver medal!

The last test was conducted on Windows 2008 Server. The testing list of antivirus products included 35 participants. The latest test measured the ability to detect malicious codes and the impact on system resources and scanning speeds. TrustPort Antivirus won … Read more

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Security of corporate ICT networks

Interview in ComputerWorld (October, 2013) 1. How can today’s corporate users rationalize the security of its corporate ICT network? The corporate ICT network today is not only about computers, but also contains mobile devices, all telecommunications channels and satellites. Therefore, … Read more

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Press release: TrustPort introduces a new generation of its antivirus in the 2014 version

Brno, October 17th, 2013 – TrustPort company, a producer of antivirus software and applications for mobile platforms, is today launching a new version of its security solution for the protection of computers and smartphones. TrustPort products in the 2014 version … Read more

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Smile and say cheese to Big Brother

Imagine this situation: You are sitting on a bench, eating a sandwich, whilst a stranger comes suddenly and takes a photo of you having a break. Weird, isn’t it? Well, who would even have a think about such an improbability? Maybe you have already experienced it without knowing. We are not saying that you should be constantly worried about who may be taking a picture of you at the moment. But if you have ever caught somebody taking an unauthorized photo of yourself, you probably wouldn’t say cheese. And if there were also your children in the shot, you would… Read more

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The most ridiculous clauses hidden in licensing agreements

The latest survey conducted by the TrustPort company, a producer of antivirus software, showed that only 10 per cent of users installing new software onto their PC or smartphone, read End-User License Agreements (EULA) which are a part of every installation. A single glance to a web page crowded with tiny letters and incomprehensible confusing l legal jargon usually discourages anybody from further reading. That’s why 90 per cent of PC users just click on the ‘Agree’ button without knowing what is written in the agreement. Maybe they would bother reading at least some of the EULAs if they knew… Read more

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The new TrustPort encryption game is here!

Go to the PLAY & WIN section on Facebook page: OR Play here:

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