Help TrustPort “save the world”!

“We will destroy earth… 2012 is the year of destruction and is drawing nearer. The end of civilization is coming! We must be aware of TrustPort! They want to save the world. We must destroy all of them with our viruses!” The game begins this way. Gamers are invited to help TrustPort PC experts solve encrypted messages, which have been intercepted from the outer space. TrustPort wants to differentiate itself from its competitors not only with its quality products, but also with an unconventional and amusing approach to its fans.

“We are aware that our products have become popular in the last year thanks to the results of independent testing laboratories. The ability of our software to detect malware is top-rated. That’s why the idea to offer our paid product for free was only a question of time. However we do not want to go in the same direction as our competitors, we want to offer even more for free. Home users who meet the required conditions will obtain a full 1yr license of our paid product TrustPort Total Protection for free”, says Marketing Director at TrustPort, Lucie Grohova.

So enjoy our encryption game! It’s fun and easy!

I would like to invite you to our Facebook pages, which got a new and fresh design :-)

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5 Responses to Help TrustPort “save the world”!

  1. Hans Peric says:

    I tried to play this silly “Trustport Encryption Game” via Facebook, but I couldn’t get it to work. So, I will leave it that….

    • Hedvika Novotna says:

      Hello Hans, you are the first one who has such a problem. Could you please send us a screen shot or describe your login process in detail? Nobody else has had any problem to get into the game. I would like to help you, so please send us an e-mail to support(at)trustport(dot)com or tell us your e-mail address, which you used and we will check it.

  2. wai de fuk says:

    Where is the promissed ability to play the game without a friggin FaceFu*k account ? You know, not everyone is a mindless zombie and some wouldn’t touch that P.O.S., not even with a very long stick.

    Some “security” company endorsing it ? WHAT A JOKE.

    Complete marketing *FAIL*, imo.

    But then again, it’s not a catastrophy, i just won’t try an irrelevant game from an irrelevant company, i came here to see new jokes form Jojin & Hedgehog anyway.

    Next time, please, try unleashing Malboge on Facebookers, some might actually (hopefully) die in horrible pain ;-)), but then again, if you want to push the image “by idiotss, for idiots”, job well done.

    • Jakub Truschka says:

      Hello, why do you get so excited, if the game is so irrelevant? And do you really consider the thousands of people who played it to be mindless zombies? That alone is pretty offensive, not to speak about your vulgar vocabulary. Of course, you are entitled to have your opinion but I would wish you to learn expressing it in a more civilized way. Your words would be taken much more seriously, believe me.

      • wai de fuk says:

        Well, i expected deletion more than debate (using “foul language” as an excuse to criticism; even though i restricted my “vulgar vocabulary”, I didn’t do it to avoid deletion, but to be *somewhat* civil; my general reaction would be even worse, but then again, I’m not among friends / people who know me). If you were refering to my “name / mail”, either check the mail address or don’t flag it required … All in all, +RESPECT for voicing disagreenment rather than resorting to censoring.

        Maybe just the bullet-points:

        – announcing one thing, delivering other not even correcting the wrong information (hints at “real professionalism”, I’d rather not see results of your work, I work for our government and over-payed under-skilled idiots are abundant here, as management, sometimes employees and mainly as contractors)
        – WTF would anybody with at least half-a-mind associate themselves with FB / use it as a vehicle for self-propagation, other than saying “anything goes as long as it sells” (Security company embracing facebook for F’s sake).
        – In case that FB only was because they offered a feature so you didn’t have to: Yeah, we really need another company like that.
        – In case that FB-only was because of some of their stupid policies: Shows you are another of the “we can’t really do anything with it” type.
        – Overall, we have too many companies having flashy pages full of sweet talk and big words and too little of those really knowing what they do / providing real value instead of pipe dreams and promises.
        – What is more beneficial to an individual, expecting that everyone will go out of their way trying not to offend them or learning to cope with things they find offending. (navic, ses z CR, kurva, ne ? Si nikdy neslysel cikany/moravaky/nase politiky ???)
        – World is dominated by those who prefer pretense to sincerity (all that demand political correctness; those who smile in your face and badmouth you behind you back). I’m not ever gonna cater to them. They can cope or move out of my way (or fail at trying to corrupt me).

        I don’t care how many played your game, as far as zombies go read this: ( I hate sheeple, I hate crowd behavior/mentality and I really hate anyone earning profit from it (or just “sliding along on the wave it created” – which would be anybody using an FB sticker to promote themseles) …

        All in all, what we have here ? Company, just like the rest, no palpable evidence they are any good, showing signs of incompetence and signs of “we will do anything to promote ourselves”.

        Well, my reaction certainly could have been a LOT WORSE.

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