The Cleverlance Group indulges in the development of new mobile applications

Hardly anyone can imagine life without mobile technologies in today’s current high tech world. Companies place high emphasis on their employees, especially in business or IT positions, having quick access to information every time and everywhere. Companies from the Cleverlance Group Holding are aware of such requirements, having branched out their services to offering mobile applications not only for companies, but also for home users.

The Cleverlance Enterprise Solutions a.s. company offers its clients a very practical mobile solution called Right Time, which can save up to 50 per cent of expenses, which otherwise have to be invested into development and maintenance of other applications. By implementing the Right Time application, a company can make work more efficient, especially for employee’s fieldwork. This solution has won the “IT Product Of The Year 2011“ award thanks to its unique parameters. The product platform is designed for quick and easy integration with common used ERP and CRM systems. An employee obtains access to the company’s data through his mobile phone or tablet anytime and anywhere. In the case that the company’s IT system supports workflow or project management, it is also possible to send tasks to particular users. All the data is encrypted automatically. The need for increased efficiency and security these days means that companies will also appreciate user comfort and an accuracy of entered data. It is possible to connect all the entered data with a camera, GPS module or with a bar code scanner.

Another useful tool developed by IT experts from Cleverlance for both the iPhone and Ceska Sporitelna (the Czech bank) users is called Slozenka (Bill). This application is a part of mobile banking and it not only scans a particular bill you may have at homeslip, but it also transfers the obtained data into a payment order. It means that a user does not need to fill in any additional data. Payment of any bill takes place in two very easy steps.

The TrustPort company, a member of the Cleverlance Group holding, is known in the field of information technology thanks to its antivirus solutions TrustPort Antivirus. The developers of the company are also focusing on the development of mobile applications this year. The company issued two new applications for smartphones and tablets running under the Android and iOS platform in the last quarter. Portunes is an application for the storing of sensitive data such as information of user’s credit cards, bank accounts, user names and passwords, PINs, private notes etc. All the data is encrypted and protected by a password against hackers and malware and synchronized with mobile devices through cloud storage. Everything is encrypted with the strongest encryption algorithms available in the industry, including the military-grade 256-bit AES algorithm.

Not everyone is aware that it is possible that their own mobile phone can be tapped without one even knowing it and you do not even have to be connected to the internet. Sending sensitive information via SMS or email is often too risky. There is a lot of spy applications and software available, which can monitor users’ activity on mobile phones or over the Internet. That is why TrustPort has decided to offer a free security solution which will be available to anyone, who does not want to have their SMS or emails tapped. The Skytale application can for example ensure confidentiality for every businessman, who is used to sending sensitive data via SMS or email. Nobody else can read ones confidential messages except for the recipient who is the only person who knows the secret password. The messages will therefore always be secure during data transfer between phones.

Most operations which have run on a PC a few months ago are things of the past, for example bank transactions or writing notes on the hard disk. Users have sent a clear signal to developers of information technology: “Provide us with the easiest mobile applications saving our time.“ Listening to customers and fulfilling their demands is the priority of the Cleverlance holding. For that reason more mobile applications for companies and home users will be issued soon.

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