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    Mark Snyder

About Us

TrustPort Head Office

TrustPort a. s.
Purkyòova 2845/101
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 541 244 471
Fax: +420 541 235 038
E-mail: info[at]trustport.com

VAT: CZ28277066


TrustPort is a major producer of software solutions for secure communication and reliable data protection. TrustPort products are characterized by a comprehensive approach to security of both computers and computer networks, protecting against known threats, while effectively facing new dangers. They excel in several security areas including antivirus technology, antispam methods, and encryption technology.

TrustPort solutions have a long tradition of development within the framework of AEC company. After AEC became part of Cleverlance, one of the largest information technology providers in Central Europe, a decision was made to establish TrustPort as a standalone daughter company of Cleverlance.


ITCYS, C.A – Trustport Authorized Partner Venezuela

Integración de Tecnologías Comunicación y Sistemas
RIF: J296219966

Dirección: Av. Bolivar Norte / calle 148, Centro Profesional Norte, Piso 7, Of 7-3 Valencia, Edo Carabobo. Venezuela
Ventas: (0241) 2179869 / 8219584 / 8226320
Móvil: (0412) 7443188 / (0424) 4127286
Información y Ventas: info@trustport.com.ve
Soporte Técnico: soporte@trustport.com.ve
WebSite: www.trustport.com.ve
Twitter: @trustportve

E-mail: info@trustport.com.ve