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"The new version of TrustPort Net Gateway has made another move towards a greater clarity of the interface, and at the same time includes significant technological innovations. The goal of the changes was to simplify the network administrator’s tasks, while also improving the efficiency in which they are carried out."

IT Systems, corporate information technology magazine

About Us

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TrustPort a. s.
Purkyňova 2845/101
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 541 244 471
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E-mail: info[at]trustport.com

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Company Profile

Company focus

TrustPort is a major supplier of software solutions for data protection and secure communications. Its portfolio includes products for both home users and corporate customers. TrustPort products excel in many security areas including outstanding antivirus technology based on several scanning engines, reliable disposal of threats such as classic viruses, macroviruses, trojans, and worms. The antispam technology comprises of a wide range of detection methods and efficiently eliminates junk mail. TrustPort solutions also include strong data encryption technologies, and enable working with digital certificates.

TrustPort uses the long-term experience gained by its development team to provide innovative solutions which are in-line with current customer needs. TrustPort offers antivirus and antispam products for personal computers, for file servers, for secure gateways, and for portable devices. The company progressively introduces new features which react to actual security threats. A few examples within the personal computer area include automatic scanning of removable media, creation of a system rescue boot disk, or resident protection of portable data storage media. Within the area of company networks, examples include advanced detection methods of spam bots or the defense against collective spam attacks.

Company history

TrustPort security solutions were initially developed within the framework of AEC company, since its foundation in 1991. At the beginning, the applications were specifically designed for the needs of the corporate segment, both in the direction of protecting workstations, and in the direction of protecting entire company networks. Through the gradual integration of several security applications, a comprehensive security solution TrustPort Workstation was formed. By the connection of antivirus and antispam technologies, TrustPort Internet Gateway solution came into existence. In addition, other specifically designed solutions were also developed.

TrustPort product range became gradually renowned as quality software, created with knowledge of the environment for which it is intended. Some solutions were given attestation in accordance with the standards established for public administration information systems. As of the year 2000, TrustPort products began earning various awards for its quality. TrustPort antivirus technology became a regular participant in both the AV-Comparatives tests and the Virus Bulletin tests, and regularly maintains to hold an excellent position amongst the very strong competition.

In January 2008, an acquisition of AEC by company Cleverlance occurred. Cleverlance is a leading Central European company, providing solutions and services in the field of information technology. TrustPort as an independent company was established in March 2008, with the detachment from the development division of AEC. TrustPort Workstation was renamed to TrustPort PC Security, with the name better corresponding to the protection of personal computers, desktops and notebooks. At the same time, TrustPort Antivirus was set aside as a separate product for customers who do not require additional security tools. Along with Net Gateway and TrustPort WebFilter, they became the core of the TrustPort product portfolio.