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"The combination of several TrustPort PC Security scanning cores works very reliably. You should not receive any malicious software from the internet, because all suspicious traffic or attempts at download are immediately blocked. A warning message from the browser then follows."

Extra PC, information technology magazine

About Us

TrustPort Head Office

TrustPort a. s.
Purkyňova 2845/101
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 541 244 471
Fax: +420 541 235 038
E-mail: info[at]trustport.com

VAT: CZ28277066


Press Releases

20.01.2015 - TrustPort 2015 versions push security forward to a higher level

19.11.2014 - TrustPort reasserts its unbeatable detection and receives another VB100 award

26.05.2014 - TrustPort brings a new version of security application for smartphones

12.03.2014 - ‘Sherlock Holmes‘ by TrustPort analyses data flow on the Internet

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29.11.2013 - BHARAT PHONE with TrustPort Mobile Security offers superior protection

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25.09.2013 - TrustPort Antivirus gives proof of its high quality detection rates and wins

09.07.2013 - TrustPort successfully defended the 1st notch in the detection of malware

05.06.2013 - TrustPort survey: Users agree with anything written in online agreements

02.05.2013 - TrustPort reasserted its superb ability to detect malware

25.03.2013 - Pictura Application from TrustPort protects sensitive data and photos in smartphones

06.02.2013 - TrustPort issues a new antivirus solution for the Android platform

12.11.2012 - TrustPort survey: will a paid antivirus survive in five years?

15.10.2012 - The Trustee app from TrustPort will find a lost mobile phone

30.07.2012 - TrustPort launches a new application for smartphones

05.06.2012 - TrustPort launches new enhanced product versions for online security

05.06.2012 - Your corporate PC network is safe with new TrustPort Net Gateway

02.04.2012 - TrustPort support the ”Light It Up Blue“ campaign

22.03.2012 - TrustPort issues its enhanced central management console

09.01.2012 - TrustPort conquers IT markets in Latin America

01.12.2011 - TrustPort supports UNICEF with a mobile temporary medical centre

12.10.2011 - TrustPort Tools released for markets worldwide

07.09.2011 - Gamers help TrustPort “save the world“

24.08.2011 - Impeccable detection? TrustPort is the way to go!

13.07.2011 - TrustPort launches its next generation antivirus

28.06.2011 - TrustPort once again ahead of other players on the market

05.05.2011 - Why become a partner of TrustPort?

20.04.2011 - TrustPort Antivirus has shown a truly superb score and reached a twofold success in comparative tests

29.03.2011 - DynaSoft company has localized TrustPort products for Russian users

09.03.2011 - TrustPort launches a new office in Southeast Asia

24.01.2011 - TrustPort sets up a blog about security

21.12.2010 - TrustPort Antivirus proven to have low impact on system performance by independent tests

08.12.2010 - TrustPort warns: don't fall for Internet swindlers this holiday period

09.11.2010 - TrustPort joins UNICEF in the plight to protect children globally

30.09.2010 - TrustPort is fundamentally changing its product portfolio

07.09.2010 - Are your children really safe whilst surfing the Internet?

19.08.2010 - TrustPort sets up operations in the Middle East

17.08.2010 - TrustPort storms its way to another VB100 award from Virus Bulletin

01.07.2010 - TrustPort Management 4.0 is out on the market

23.06.2010 - Security threats connected with summer surfing via public WiFi networks

09.06.2010 - TrustPort Antivirus uses the most effective methods of malware detection

21.05.2010 - TrustPort PC Security tested by independent research lab in Beijing

04.05.2010 - Students have a product discount, software localized into Portuguese

21.04.2010 - TrustPort Antivirus wins the April tests of Virus Bulletin

08.04.2010 - TrustPort eSign Pro extends TrustPort product portfolio

25.03.2010 - Success story continues for TrustPort Antivirus

15.03.2010 - TrustPort Net Gateway 5.5 is bringing more efficient and faster scanning

19.02.2010 - TrustPort forays into Indian antivirus market

02.02.2010 - Using social networks like Facebook inadvisable without proper protection