TrustPort Security Elements with upgraded central management console

Remote management of our software in a network is about to become easier and more effective than ever.

May 13, 2015
TrustPort Management Overview Screen

Remote management of our software in a network is about to become easier and more effective than ever. TrustPort Management, the central administration console for all levels of the TrustPort Security Elements solution is here in an upgraded version. It has been refined both on the inside and on the outside.

TrustPort Management enables remote installation and configuration of TrustPort software in small and medium sized networks. It also provides administrators with warnings, reports, and statistics, helping them to ensure perfect protection of all endpoint computers and file servers in their company network.

One of the cool features of the console is the statistics. The whole system of distributing data from endpoint stations to the management server has been remodelled in order to make the statistics faster generated, more interactive, and more comprehensible. There are many statistics available for a period that you select, including the status of virus definitions updates and software upgrades, number of infected computers, number of malware infections, and so on. The data are presented in the handy form of pie, bar or linear graphs.

It is also possible to export statistic data as comma separated values into a plain text file. That may be very useful for further processing of the data in another application. Another valuable improvement is the automatic upgrade package feature; it creates an executable package, enabling a swift and easy upgrade of TrustPort software in the whole network. That includes upgrading TrustPort Management client module, and TrustPort Antivirus, TrustPort Internet Security, or TrustPort Total Protection, respectively.

As a matter of fact, the core of the software has been remade, boosting the overall performance. Part of that is a new recovery mechanism. In any software in the world, you can never completely rule out a crash of one of its processes. This mechanism will automatically take care of restarting a crashed service and restoring its normal operation.

Mobile devices like laptops and tablets are on the rise, and the employees use their computers both at work and at home increasingly. The new version enables automatic logging of the mobile endpoint computer to the management server, no matter from where the computer connects, be it from home or from the office desk.

All in all, the upgrade of TrustPort Management brings a better organized, cool looking graphical user interface and a significant boost in performance for all TrustPort Security Elements applications. Please check out a couple of screenshots below.

TrustPort Management Statistics
TrustPort Management Automatic Upgrade

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