We achieved another great success!

In recent results of another Virus Bulletin testing, TrustPort proved its quality and uniqueness again.

June 2, 2016
trustport virus bulletin antivirus rap

In recent results of another Virus Bulletin testing, TrustPort proved its quality and uniqueness again. Total result of TrustPort Antivirus in the last testing focused on Windows 10 Pro achieved 93,5%, which was the highest rate achieved within this test amongst all participating competitors.

When quoting the Virus Bulletin, we should highlight "This 2015 edition has been tested several times by the lab team of late, and combining entries from both business and consumer categories gives a rather stronger history than our simplified numbers show. Installation is not too slow, and the interface is crisp and clear with the now commonplace tiled styling put to good use. Configuration options are fairly comprehensive, and simple to operate." That means that our products in general are easy to use whilst still provide a great protection. And it is just a confirmation of what we are striving to do.

Other quotings aim at operation results. "Stability was good for the most part, with just a few fairly minor issues noted, including a problem launching the interface after one install and a non-functioning update button on another – in both cases a reboot resolved things easily. Performance measures show very reasonable resource consumption for a dual-engine product, and only a slight increase in the time taken to complete our set of activities.

At the end summarizing the results, the Virus Bulletin says "Detection, as usual, was superb with near-perfect scores in the reactive sets and very high levels in the offline proactive part of the RAP test. Once again, the WildList was covered perfectly and with no problems in the clean sets either, a VB100 award is easily earned by TrustPort." And we are very proud and thankful for such words.

Of course you can see the complete results and also the comparison of all products on the Virus Bulletin site. And after the reading, you should be sure that there is only one correct answer to all security questions.





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I have sold Trustport solutions in the last 6 years and my clients come back year after year to renew their subscription. The level of protection offered by Trustport can not be found in any other antivirus brand. Congratulations to the Trustport team.

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