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Are your children really safe whilst surfing the Internet?

TrustPort, warns parents against online threats, silently awaiting their children whilst surfing the Internet. Holidays are now coming to an end and this time it is the parents that have work to do: providing their children with all necessary tools for safe surfing at school and at home. Some will buy their child a new desktop or a laptop or maybe they are going to upgrade the existing home PC. What they may not consider to do is ensure the safety of their offspring whilst using that computer.

Online security always is the primary focus for TrustPort. According to a survey of Harris Interactive, they have found that children spend approximately 40 hours a month on the Internet. They also discovered that more than 60% of parents believe that their children are learning valuable skills online and that they aren´t wasting time there. Nevertheless one third of polled children say they would definitely change their behaviour, if they knew that their parents were watching or taking control of the Internet content.

TrustPort is warning that there are dangerous websites, which may not necessarily include malicious code, but yet could be undesirable because of their content. These websites could for example include undesirable content such as sex, violence or gambling. Parents should take steps to protect their children from visiting such websites by openly communicating with them about this topic, as well as through implementing a simple and flexible technology solution such as parental lock. This is included in all TrustPort products. The parental lock detects and blocks undesirable websites reliably. This feature has 13 pre-defined categories. It is simple to turn on or off any category individually. Furthermore, specific websites can be specifically blocked over and above offered the specified categories. If the parental lock analyses websites to be ‘improper’, a web browser shows an error message with information about the website and a reason why access to such a website is blocked. Parents can take further steps to ensure the safety of their children by password locking the parental settings to avoid tampering.

TrustPort advises every parent that wants protect their children against online threats, to keep the following recommendations:

  • Be open during communication with your children and warn them about possible threats and about improper content at some websites
  • Don´t allow your children to make private data available to anyone either through e-mails, social networks, or completing web forms
  • Install on your children´s PC appropriate security software, which includes parental lock, such as TrustPort PC Security
  • Consider the parental lock settings. Ensure regularly updates of your security software such as TrustPort PC Security so that it can be prepared for the newest online threats.