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“...all answers were professional, easily understood and answered what was asked. I place a high priority on support, and can easily say this support was outstanding and one of the best I have experienced.“

    Mark Snyder

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Impeccable detection? TrustPort is the way to go!

Following a series of successes in the previous years, TrustPort Antivirus has once again proven to have the best malware detection in the world. In the recent Virus Bulletin comparative, it has once again shown spectacular results, pushing malware detection toward the magical border of zero tolerance. Both reactive methods and proactive techniques contributed to this outstanding TrustPort Antivirus position.

The comparative included a set of tests, examining on-access and on-demand detection, data throughput speed, archive scanning capabilities, system resources consumption, reactive and proactive detection and so on. While retaining reasonable scanning speeds, TrustPort Antivirus has excelled in all types of malware detection. 

TrustPort Antivirus stopped 100% of wild-list viruses, 99.9% of worms and 99.9% of trojans in the on-demand test. There were absolutely no false alarms reported by the software. In the on-access test, TrustPort Antivirus detected 100% of wild-list viruses, 99.69% of worms and 98.88% of trojans. These results indicate the quality of the technology, based on multiple scanning cores and optimized for best performance.

Virus Bulletin reactive and proactive testing is very useful for its high information value. It looks both into traditional signature scanning and into proactive detection methods, giving a better picture of the overall software performance. Again, the highest average detection goes to TrustPort Antivirus, which has beaten all the other products with the detection rate of 96.74%. Its average reactive detection has climbed up as high as 99.61%.

“I have expected us to reach such high scores,” commented Marcela Parolkova, sales director at TrustPort. “We have submitted our brand new product version for this comparative testing, and we were pretty confident that we would see an excellent performance.” At the same time, she asked the users for their feedback on the new version. “We are thankful for all the people, evaluating and using our software, who help us improve the products by telling us their experience and opinion. There is always room for advancements.”