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Success story continues for TrustPort Antivirus

Trustport Antivirus, the compact security software for personal computers, scored excellent in the latest independent test, performed by AV-Comparatives. TrustPort Antivirus ranked among the top four products in terms of total detection of malicious codes. The test was done using samples of currently prevalent malware, collected within last eight months. As a result of the testing, TrustPort Antivirus received the highest award, AV-Comparatives Advanced+.

Twenty antivirus manufacturers submitted their products for testing, including four newcomers. The test focused on scanning at the request of the user, not on automated scanning of opened and closed files. The test set consisted of 77% of trojans, 11% of backdoors, 10% of worms, and 2% of conventional viruses. There were altogether around 1.2 million malware samples used in the test. Collecting samples was terminated a week before the final update of the tested products.

Total detection rate of TrustPort Antivirus reached 99.1%. Most other products ended up with total detection somewhere between 80% and 98%. TrustPort Antivirus detected 99.7% of conventional viruses, 99.9% of macro viruses, 99.8% of worms, 99.3% of backdoors, and 99% of trojans. Overall, almost perfect detection rates have been achieved by TrustPort.

Three of the tested products showed substantially lower detection rates when scanning without a permanent internet connection. This means their performance was heavily dependent on their communication with other machines in the internet. One of these products proved slightly higher detection than TrustPort Antivirus, when using an internet connection, however, radically lower detection than TrustPort Antivirus, when no connection was available. This effectively raises TrustPort Antivirus among the top three security solutions.

Higher detection rates may also mean higher false alarm risk. Along with malicious code samples, tests include some clean samples, in order to check the accuracy of the antivirus products. While the top ten products, including TrustPort Antivirus, did not exceed ten false positives, other products erroneously reported as much as several tens of malware infections. Keeping a low false positive rate is rather important for the customers who do not want the antivirus software to complicate their work.

TrustPort antimalware technology, built around multiple scanning engines, is the base for TrustPort Antivirus, TrustPort PC Security, TrustPort USB Antivirus, and TrustPort Net Gateway. All these products, differing in their purpose and functionality, share the same award winning technology, protecting personal computers and even computer networks against all kinds of cybercrime.

TrustPort portfolio will soon expand to offer a new product, aimed at both home and company customers. TrustPort eSign Pro will provide an easy way of electronic signing and strong encryption. It will enter the world markets in April.