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The Trustee app from TrustPort will find a lost mobile phone

Brno, October 15th, 2012 – TrustPort, a producer of antivirus software and applications for mobile platforms, is today releasing the next useful tool for smartphones and tablets running under Android. The new application called Trustee, can not only block unwanted incoming and outgoing SMS’s and calls, but it also offers other functions such as contacts backup, safe web browsing or geolocation.

“Companies employing sales representatives or people for fieldwork purposes today all solve the problem with abuse of work hours by employees for their private purposes. Thanks to our new Trustee application, a manager can easily tag the location of his workers, who aren’t in their office or current workplace. They basically send an SMS in a special form to the employee’s mobile number, and in return the manager automatically receives an SMS with the worker’s coordinates. The SMS will not be displayed on the employee’s smartphone, because the whole process of geolocation is conducted in undisclosed mode. I believe that our application can help increase the utilization of work hours,“ says Pavel Mrnustik, CEO at TrustPort.

The Trustee application also offers its users safety and comfort while browsing the internet. Trustee checks the URL addresses, which are browsed by the user. Every single address is compared with the database of known malicious web pages, and the application prevents the user from entering these dangerous websites.
The program also enables the user to create their own blacklist and whitelist for the blocking of unwanted incoming and outgoing calls and SMS’s. The application allows defining and setting so called banned dialling codes. This function is especially connected with premium rate SMS’s or with expensive phone lines.
“TrustPort developers work constantly on the improvements of published applications for mobile platforms and they offer users new versions on a regular basis. Recently we added new functions to the Portunes application, such as a mobile password manager. Portunes version 1.8 offers users a password generator and also allows the user to choose the password strength. With the new version, the user can enter their accounts and known email clients in one simple click“, adds Marcela Parolkova, Sales Director at TrustPort.

More information about the Trustee application (incl. screenshots):

Links for download the application for free:
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trustport.trustee