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TrustPort Antivirus confirmed its leadership in two renowned tests

Both customers and retailers need to be able to objectively compare antivirus software available on the market. Such comparisons are the meaning of regular tests conducted by independent institutions. In two of the most recent tests, carried out by Virus Bulletin and the AV-Comparatives association, TrustPort Antivirus has confirmed its position as world leader in detection of harmful and unwanted codes.

TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security products entered the market in new versions last month, entailing a number of improvements. A fundamental change was a new combination of scanning engines used by both mentioned products. This change in particular moved the detection capabilities of the products to the very top of the antivirus world. A new version of the unique TrustPort USB Antivirus product, intended for the protection of portable storage media, has been released earlier.

The Virus Bulletin test from December included a series of different measurements. During on-demand testing, TrustPort Antivirus revealed 100% in-the-wild viruses, 100% worms, 100% polymorphic viruses, and 97.04% trojans. During on-access testing, 100% in-the-wild viruses, 100% worms, 100% polymorphic viruses, and 96.46% trojans were detected. In all of the mentioned areas, TrustPort Antivirus was more successful than all other competing products.

Traditionally, Virus Bulletin also measures the quality of antivirus reactive and proactive detection. Based on three sets of malware samples collected in the three weeks prior to the software submission, the quality of scanning, and the speed of the virus database updates were verified. Based on one set collected in the week after the software submission, the generic and heuristic detection methods were also tested.

TrustPort Antivirus revealed an average of 93.32% of malware, thanks to its reactive methods of scanning, and 67.43% of malware, thanks to its proactive methods of scanning. Overall detection rate reached 86.84%, and in this respect TrustPort Antivirus defended its position as the best antivirus in the world. For balance, let's add that in the proactive detection alone, three other competing products were more successful.

The AV-Comparatives test from November on the other hand focused on the ability to detect potentially unwanted applications, i.e. adware, spyware and other fraudulent software. The test included sixteen antivirus and antispyware solutions, which faced more than three-quarters of a million of application samples. Unlike other tests conducted by AV-Comparatives, malware samples were not included.

TrustPort Antivirus detected 99.8% of unwanted software, and therefore even in this comparison received first place. Amongst other TrustPort Antivirus achievements, another award has thus been added - the AV-Comparatives Advanced+, Adware / Spyware Detection.

When choosing antivirus software, we advise the customers to consider other important features such as ease of use, technical support, and the ratio of price and quality. However, antivirus comparative tests remain a key selection guide.