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TrustPort Antivirus proven to have low impact on system performance by independent tests

Recent comparative tests, performed by AV-Comparatives and Virus Bulletin, have confirmed the superior qualities of the TrustPort Antivirus version 2011. The tests proved that TrustPort Antivirus excels not only in high detection capabilities but also in low impact on computer performance. The same antivirus technology, implemented in TrustPort Antivirus, is used in TrustPort Internet Security and TrustPort Total Protection.

December comparative testing by Virus Bulletin saw another record number of submitted antivirus solutions. Over sixty products were subject to a range of tests, focused on scanning both on-demand and on-access, reactive and proactive detection, as well as performance criteria. While testing on-demand scanning, TrustPort Antivirus detected 99.96% of worms (second best result), and 99.44% of trojans (fifth best result). On-access detection measurements brought similar results, with TrustPort Antivirus stopping 99.95% of worms (second best), and 98.74% of trojans (fifth best).

TrustPort Antivirus did even better in the reactive and proactive detection test, arguably the most informative part of Virus Bulletin testing. Using proactive methods, a comfortable detection ratio of 85.73% was reached, while reactive methods exposed 98.81% of malware. TrustPort Antivirus thus confirmed its position of world leader in reactive detection. The overall detection rate reached 95.54%, making TrustPort Antivirus the second best in the reactive and proactive test. VB100 award comes as a natural confirmation of the success.

“Final figures were as excellent as ever – close to perfect in the standard sets and splendid in the reactive and proactive sets too, slowly creeping down as the samples grew fresher but never less than impressive,” comments John Hawes, testing report author, on the success of TrustPort in the latest Virus Bulletin comparative. But the success does not stop there. TrustPort Antivirus also scored in December performance test by AV-Comparatives. Precisely twenty security products were tested, with most of them representing well known brands.

Submitted products underwent an extensive set of tests. All tests had the same goal, to establish the impact of the security software on system performance. In simple words, to find out how much does the antivirus affect the speed of operations such as file copying, file archiving, video encoding, installing and uninstalling, downloading, and so on. Each product was classified in each category as slow, mediocre, fast or very fast. In the vast majority of categories, TrustPort Antivirus has been classified as very fast. In some cases, subsequent run of the same test was faster than the initial one thanks to optimization technologies.

Thanks to these excellent results, TrustPort Antivirus has been awarded AV-Comparatives Advanced+. “High detection rates have been an advantage of our software for a long time,” says Marcela Parolková, head of sales at TrustPort. “This performance test demonstrates the low impact of TrustPort Antivirus on system resources. Simply, the users need not be concerned that the software will slow down their computer, even though its antivirus technology is built on two scanning engines.” This technology is also implemented in TrustPort Internet Security and TrustPort Total Protection.