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TrustPort Antivirus ranks number one in the world

TrustPort Antivirus left behind all competing products in the October test of the renowned Virus Bulletin. Highest detection rates were reached not only in classic scanning using the virus database, but also in the heuristic analysis of potentially malicious software. TrustPort has long been recognized as a leader in the development of antivirus solutions, which is now confirmed with these latest results.

A total of twenty-five vendors took part in the test with their antivirus products, including the world's best known brands. During on-demand testing, TrustPort Antivirus managed to reveal 100 % of viruses, worms, and polymorphic viruses, and 97.97 % of trojans. The product was also equally successful in on-access scanning, where 100 % of viruses, worms, and polymorphic viruses were detected, and 96.81 % of trojans.

“Detection rates were stratospheric, pushing perfection in most areas and highest of all this month’s entrants in all the reactive and proactive weeks,” comments John Hawes on TrustPort Antivirus in his final report. “With this excellence … not balanced, as might be expected, by any false alarms, TrustPort is more than worthy of a VB100 award.”

The evaluated software was tested on four different sets of malware. The first three sets contained viral samples collected in the first three weeks prior to software submission for testing, and the last set contained malicious codes that appeared within one week after software submission. This means both reactive detection, based on virus database updates, and proactive detection, based on generic and heuristic methods were tested.

For testing, TrustPort submitted the new version of its key product, TrustPort Antivirus 2010, which will enter the market along with the product TrustPort PC Security 2010 at the end of October. September already saw the release of the products TrustPort USB Antivirus 2010, TrustPort U3 Antivirus 2010, TrustPort Gateway 5.4, and TrustPort WebFilter 5.4.

"Our antivirus products use a combination of multiple scanning engines, which consistently provides above-average success rate in detecting malicious codes," comments Vladislav Němec, director of TrustPort. "The constant improvements to our antivirus technology can now be evident with this great result by placing first in this prestigious test."

The awarded antivirus technology is not only the foundation of TrustPort Antivirus, but also of TrustPort PC Security, which is the ideal solution for comprehensive protection of personal computers. It is also implemented in TrustPort Net Gateway, which is a solution designed to protect corporate networks at the entry point. Disposal of viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware, is not the only area in which the manufacturer delivers superior quality. TrustPort also implements first class antispam technology, web filtering, and cryptography in its software.