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TrustPort Antivirus ranks second in world comparisons!

Virus Bulletin magazine once again published the results of its latest antivirus comparative tests. Amongst strong competition of thirty-five solutions, TrustPort Antivirus showed excellent detection capabilities and ranked second best in the world when combining reactive and proactive detection. Thanks to the fact that all in-the-wild viruses were successfully revealed, and not a single false alarm was reported, the program once again managed to win the prestigious VB100 award.

As of April this year, Virus Bulletin has been using a new testing methodology. The detection capabilities of the antivirus products are now tested on four different sets of malware samples. The first three sets contain malicious codes which have emerged from the last three weeks before the date the software was submitted for testing. The fourth set includes new samples which have been collected after the software was received. While the first three sets tested the quality and speed of the updates, the fourth set tested detection using heuristic and generic techniques.

The methodology takes into account both reactive detection, based on regular database updates of malware samples, as well as proactive detection, based on analysis of the structure and behavior of the suspect code. The comparative test results can therefore be regarded as reliable evidence about the quality of antivirus software, in terms of its ability to detect harmful codes. Other criteria such as usability, additional features, speed, or price are naturally important for customers.

TrustPort Antivirus scored particularly well in the reactive detection tests. In the first three weeks, the program gradually revealed 93.9%, 95.1% and 87.6% of all malicious codes, with an average score of 92.2%. Meaning, TrustPort Antivirus demonstrated the best reactive detection in the world, and left behind all the better known competitors. In the proactive detection test, 63% of viruses were detected. In the overall average of detected malware, a score of 84.9% ranked TrustPort Antivirus second-best in the world.

"If we have achieved such excellent results with the current version of our antivirus solution, we can expect further success with the new version," commented Vladislav Nemec, director of TrustPort. "Our development department is continuously searching and applying innovative methods which increase the level of security and which reduce the burden on the computer."

A number of products for the upcoming year, including TrustPort Antivirus 2010, TrustPort PC Security 2010, and TrustPort USB Antivirus 2010, will be gradually released in September and October. Products will be available to English, Czech, Italian, German, and Spanish-speaking users. Net server solutions TrustPort Net Gateway and TrustPort WebFilter, will also be updated and will come out in version 5.4.