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TrustPort Antivirus wins the April tests of Virus Bulletin

A record number of sixty antivirus products was submitted for the April tests of Virus Bulletin, including a lot of newcomers, using, with varying success, scanning technologies licensed from other manufacturers. Traditionally, the testing included on-demand antivirus scanning, on-access antivirus protection, as well as reactive and proactive detection. TrustPort Antivirus demonstrated top detection abilities in all the tests carried out; in the reactive and proactive detection, it confirmed its stable position of the world leader.

During on-demand testing, TrustPort Antivirus detected 100% of wild-list viruses, 99.94% of worms, 100% of polymorphic viruses, and 99.81% of trojans. It had similarly impressive results, getting near to perfection, in testing of file system protection. TrustPort Antivirus on-access protection was able to catch 100% of wild-list viruses, 99.88% of worms, 100% of polymorphic viruses, and 99.71% of trojans. Detection levels that high are a result of sophisticated antivirus technology, based on multiple scanning engines.

Another part of the April comparative was the reactive and proactive detection test. This test was conducted as usual using four sets of malware. The first three sets contained malware samples, collected in three consecutive weeks prior to software submission, the last set contained malicious codes, newly collected in the week after software submission. The purpose of the test was to properly examine both reactive detection, based on regular updates of a virus database, and proactive detection, using generic methods.

In the reactive and proactive testing, most of renowned producers, for years present on the market, left the top places in favor of newer manufacturers. TrustPort Antivirus scored better than any competing product. “All three reactive weeks of the reactive and proactive sets were treated with disdain, and even the proactive week presented few difficulties,” comments John Hawes from Virus Bulletin on the results of TrustPort Antivirus. The average reactive detection of the product reached 97.17%, proactive detection 79.66%. On the overall average of both reactive and proactive methods, TrustPort Antivirus successfully detected 92.79% of the submitted malware.

"Once again, it appears that our strategy of multiple antivirus engines, used as plug-ins to the whole solution, delivers the highest achievable success rate in detection of malicious codes,” says Vladislav Němec, chief executive officer of TrustPort. “Detection capabilities are naturally of principal interest to the user, who buys the product to secure his computer against viruses, spyware, and other rogue software.”

TrustPort uses the same antivirus technology also in TrustPort PC Security, designed for complete protection of personal computers, and TrustPort Net Gateway, intended to protect corporate networks at the entry point. In addition to this technology for disposal of malware, the company also offers solutions for spam filtering, web filtering, and for the use of asymmetric cryptography. Recently, the company introduced a new product, TrustPort eSign Pro, offering easy signing and encrypting of electronic documents.