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“...all answers were professional, easily understood and answered what was asked. I place a high priority on support, and can easily say this support was outstanding and one of the best I have experienced.“

    Mark Snyder

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TrustPort certified for corporate implementation

The AV-Comparatives association, which regularly tests antivirus products of world’s manufacturers, carried out a first comparative test of security solutions aimed at corporate clients in May. TrustPort took part in this comparison together with six other leading producers. The solution based on products TrustPort Antivirus Business and TrustPort Management has acquired the AV-Comparatives Approved Corporate Product certification.


All solutions were subjected to thorough testing, which included in particular the installation of central administration console, the remote installation of antivirus software on workstations, the way of updating virus databases, and the options of the administrative interface. The ability of the software to dispose of spam, and the intrusion prevention systems were also considered in the evaluation of the products.

TrustPort solution was highlighted for high performance, for its ideal use in smaller corporate networks, and for the quality of technical support. “It is really simple to navigate through the console without having to study the user manual and, thus, find the various functions and actions quickly and easily,” as written in the final report of the test. “The aspect of usability and management has been implemented excellently by TrustPort and navigating through various management consoles leaves nothing to be desired.”

Amongst other positives based on TrustPort Management and TrustPort Antivirus Business, mentioned by the report, belongs immediate update of virus databases following a successful installation. Swift remote antivirus installation on individual workstations in the network was also appraised very positively. On the other hand, the report criticizes the fact that with certain local settings, manual intervention on some workstations is required. An effective solution for these situations is provided by the Client Probe System utility, supplied with the latest version of TrustPort Management.

At the end of May, CSO Online server published the results of an independent comparative test, carried out in order to cover the widest possible range of antivirus products. Author of the test, security consultant Chaz Sowers, placed emphasis on high detection rates and low false positives. In comparison with some thirty competing products, TrustPort Antivirus achieved second highest detection rates, revealing 99.26% of virus samples.

Great detection capabilities of TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security can be credited to their flexible combination of multiple scanning engines. Classical detection using virus databases is furthermore complimented by advanced heuristic detection methods. Products are therefore always prepared for the most recent Internet threats. In conjunction with TrustPort Management, they represent an effective and economic solution for corporate network protection.