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TrustPort conquers IT markets in Latin America

TrustPort’s regional office in Mexico has successfully completed negotiations with Ingram Micro Mexico. Alongside this great cooperation beginning, TrustPort is also focusing on other countries in Latin America (especially Brazil) with their products, which have now also been localized into Portuguese.

TrustPort Mexico is one of the first TrustPort regional offices, and has been successful in presenting TrustPort products on the local market. “We have known from the beginning that we want to draw attention of an important distributor,” explained Eduardo Ellerbraker, regional manager of TrustPort Mexico. “Getting a brand product into the portfolio of a large distributor is not an easy task but we managed to achieve it in the end.”

Ingram Micro has over thirty years of experience in technology distribution. The company has continuously identified technologies that will impact the industry, and has always looked for resellers able to carry out that task on the local markets around the globe. TrustPort is now one of the companies whose products have been evaluated as profitable.

“We are excited about the contract,” said Vladislav Nemec, CEO at TrustPort. “Large distributors choose carefully, which products will actually be profitable for them. If they have included our product to their portfolio, it is another sign for the markets that our products are highly competitive.”

Ingram Micro sells TrustPort Antivirus, TrustPort Internet Security, and TrustPort Total Protection. The portable security software, TrusPort USB Antivirus, suitable for flash drives, memory cards, and other portable media, is part of the distributor’s portfolio as well.

“It is our belief that this step also opens up possibilities for us in other countries,” commented Marcela Parolkova, director of sales at TrustPort. “If the sales go well, the local branch of the distributor in Mexico can serve as a great reference for Ingram Micro branches elsewhere.”  TrustPort is distributing its products worldwide through a network of local resellers. The contract with Ingram Micro will help broaden the network significantly.