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TrustPort issues a new antivirus solution for the Android platform

TrustPort, a leading provider of security software, is today announcing a launch of a new antivirus solution for devices running on the Android platform. According to independent testing laboratories, TrustPort products belong to the TOP 5 products worldwide, with the best detection rates last year. Thanks to this fact, the company has decided to offer their security products also for users, who own smartphones and tablets running on mobile platforms.

“The TrustPort Mobile Security application for Android uses powerful technology with its own scanning engine. Our developers have an extensive database of virus samples and malicious web pages, and for this reason we are able to offer our customers quality protection for their mobile devices against malware and other types of attacks“, says Pavel Mrnustik, CEO at TrustPort. “Our new application will also be appreciated by parents, because Mobile Security protects their children. In the unfortunate case when a child who has installed our application goes missing, their parents will always be able to find their child thanks to the geolocation function“, adds Pavel Mrnustik.

The security solution for mobile devices TrustPort Mobile Security is able to scan on demand each installed application or each downloaded file. If a user downloads or updates an application, TrustPort Mobile Security scans this application automatically, and if necessary, it is possible to uninstall such suspicious application. TrustPort Mobile Security offers not only the function of scanning user’s phone on demand, or a resident shield against malware, but also other features such as – web shield, application manager, phone call and SMS filter, encrypted data backup and geolocation.

”With the new TrustPort Mobile Security product we are following the trend of mobile security and this is the next in product line of our previous applications for the mobile devices running under iOS and Android platforms – Trustee, Portunes and Skytale. All of our applications are strongly related to security, have intuitive operating and an easy graphical user interface. When developing new mobile application we always put emphasis on easiness and efficiency. We listen to feedback from both our users and partners, because they are the right people who can advise, what applications will be developed by us in the future“, says Marcela Parolkova, Sales Director at TrustPort. ”Currently we are hard at work developing other interesting applications for mobile platforms, so our users definitely have something to look forwards to”, adds Marcela Parolkova.

More information about TrustPort mobile products:
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TrustPort Skytale (iOS/Android): http://www.trustport.com/en/products/trustport-skytale
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TrustPort Trustee (iOS): http://www.trustport.com/en/products/trustport-trustee-ios