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TrustPort issues its enhanced central management console

Brno, March 21st, 2012 – TrustPort, a leading provider of security software, is today announcing a launch of its new version of TrustPort Management, which enables remote administration of its products. TrustPort Management allows remote installation and configuration of TrustPort software in small to large sized networks. It also provides administrators with warnings, reports and statistics, helping them ensure perfect protection of all endpoint computers and file servers in their company network.

“We are sure that our improved TrustPort Management will make life for administrators a lot easier. Among valuable improvements is not only the statistic module, but also the automatic upgrade package feature; it basically creates an executable package, enabling swift and easy upgrade of TrustPort software in the entire network. All in all, the upgrade of TrustPort Management brings a more organized and better looking graphical user interface and a significant boost in performance, for all TrustPort Security Elements applications”, said Pavel Mrnustik, Managing Director at TrustPort.

The core of the software has been redesigned boosting overall performance. Part of this redesign is also a handy new recovery mechanism. These days, you can never completely rule out a crash of a system process, irrelevant who the software is made by. This mechanism will automatically take care of crashed Trustport Management services by restoring it to its normal operation. Central management is controlled via a web interface, which means that it can be accessed from any computer in the network or even on the internet, and any number of administrator and auditor accounts may be defined.

The use of mobile devices such as laptops and tablets are continually on the rise, and employees are using their computers both at work and at home much more increasingly. The new version of TrustPort Management enables automatic logging of the mobile endpoint computer to the management server, no matter where the computer may be connecting from, be it from home or from the office desk.

“The new version of TrustPort Management is basically easier to use, yet a much more much effective too, and provides an excellent choice for efficient deployment of security software in computer networks of all sizes. Our partners and customers can also look forward to another big improvement to our product portfolio. We are planning to release a new Net Gateway shortly, which will meet the highest requirements for mid to large sized companies,” says Marcela Parolková, Sales Director at TrustPort.