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TrustPort joins UNICEF in the plight to protect children globally

TrustPort, a leading provider of internet security software, is proud to be supporting UNICEF by making a financial donation to enable them to buy special kits for schools in developing countries. The school kits are not culturally specific so that they can be used anywhere in the world. TrustPort supports through its donation up to 240 students.

Vladislav Nemec, CEO at TrustPort, says: “It is our pleasure here at TrustPort to participate with UNICEF in this project. We see that education is essential in combating poverty and protecting children from exploitation, and access to appropriate learning materials is a fundamental aspect. Schools provide children with protection, stability, and a return to normalcy. This model bears a striking resemblance to the protection in which TrustPort products are effectively able to secure computers. We are aware of current global needs; not only to protect computers from malicious software, but also to protect children.“

The primary objective of these special school kits is to help re-establish learning as the first step towards the restoration of normal schooling following an emergency. However, it can also be used in development situations where a country suddenly faces an influx of students, e.g. if school fees are abolished at once.

“When we ensure that girls and boys receive a quality education, we create opportunities for children to build lives and realize their dreams. A quality basic education enhances lives and ends cycles of poverty and disease. UNICEF is grateful to TrustPort for their kind donation. The commitment of TrustPort to support UNICEF educational programs reflects its dedication towards measurable results for children. This contribution is sincerely appreciated,”  said Pavla Gomba, General Director at UNICEF Czech Republic.