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TrustPort launches a new application for smartphones

TrustPort, a leading provider of security software, is today announcing a launch of a new application called Portunes. It is a clever tool, basically a security storage for all sensitive information. It runs with iPhone, iPad and Android platforms and it’s offered as a freeware application. This software is also a part of the following security products: TrustPort Internet Security, TrustPort Total Protection and TrustPort Tools.

“We have prepared this application for everybody who wants to have some reliable protection for their passwords and codes and who wants to have all their credentials always available, no matter if they work on a smartphone or a laptop. We also wanted to approach users, who aren’t looking for a new security solution. Portunes is not only implemented in TrustPort products, but everyone can download it also for free as a standalone application for smartphones“, says Marcela Parolkova, Sales Director at TrustPort.

Portunes is an application protecting sensitive data like information of user’s credit cards, bank accounts, user names and passwords, PINs, private notes etc. All data is encrypted (256-bit AES) and protected by a password against hackers and malware on every site and it is stored safely in cloud storage. A user’s password is protected and accessible from their PC, which runs under Windows 7, 8, Vista and more. It is also synchronized with mobile devices through cloud storage Dropbox. Graphical user interface is adapted to computers which run under Windows and to the iPhone OS environment. The application is compatible with touchscreens and supports smart scrolling. Portunes also enable fast search in data records.

“We listen to our users and always try to tailor a new solution according to their demands. That’s why we count on to broaden not only the current product Portunes, but also our portfolio concerning mobile devices. Our clients can look forward to new applications and security solutions in the near future“, said Pavel Mrnustik, CEO at TrustPort.

A video about the Portunes application: http://www.trustport.com/mobileapp/portunes/
More information about the Portunes application: http://www.trustport.com/en/products/trustport-portunes

Links for download the appliction for free:
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/portunes/id527583319?mt=8
GooglePlay: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trustport.portunes