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TrustPort once again ahead of other players on the market

Throughout the past year, TrustPort branded software has not shown a single false alarm in the Virus Bulletin tests while permanently occupying the top position as far as successful detection of viruses and other malware goes. In the recent test of antivirus products running on a server platform, TrustPort Antivirus has once again become number one in the world, thanks to both conventional scanning and proactive methods.

“We are of course happy about the test results but that will not make us complacent,” commented Vladimir Nemec, chief executive officer of TrustPort, on the success. “Our long-term focus on innovation in Internet security technologies is paying off.” TrustPort software for personal computers is based on a unique antivirus technology with multiple scanning engines, which guarantees uncompromising efficiency in malware filtering.

The reactive and proactive test indicates the ability of submitted products to stop the latest virus threats effectively, even in the case of viruses that have not been covered and included in the database of virus signatures yet. By conventional scanning with the use of a virus database, TrustPort Antivirus has detected 99.81% of malware on average, and 94.43% of viruses using heuristic methods. With the total average of 98.47%, the product has taken the top position in the test.

“The WildList was handled well, as was the clean set, and TrustPort earns a VB100 award with some style,” stated John Hawes, test team director, in his report. “All four entries in the last year have earned TrustPort a pass, and the vendor has had no fails from nine entries in the last twelve tests.” The consistently high quality of TrustPort software has been proven this way.

The product that was tested is TrustPort Antivirus; however, the same antivirus technology is used also in the security suite named TrustPort Internet Security and in the extended suite named TrustPort Total Protection. Optimum scanning results are thus guaranteed, no matter which one of these three products the user acquires, in accordance with the scope of security features required.