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TrustPort PC Security tested by independent research lab in Beijing

Independent comparative tests are necessary for the improvement of security software. PC Security Labs, a testing organization based in China, has recently published the results of its latest comparative testing. Thirty antivirus software manufacturers submitted their products, among them producers from America, Asia, Australia, and Europe. TrustPort scored well, and its software, TrustPort PC Security, ranked among the top four products.

 PC Security Labs was established over two years ago in Beijing. It is the only independent research lab from China, which so far became member of the international Anti Malware Testing Standards Organization, associating scientists, testers and producers in the field of computer security. PC Security Labs performs regular comparative testing but recently started also one product testing. Testing reports are available on its website, both in Chinese and in English.

The latest comparative by PC Security Labs included thirty antivirus products and security suites. The testing method consisted of scanning on demand, using a malware set and a clean set. The malware set represented around one thousand top threats in the region; the clean set included popular software, downloaded and purchased in China. Two variables were measured, malware detection rate and false positives rate. Based on these two measurements, the final score was calculated.

TrustPort PC Security achieved an average false positive rate. However, it once again demonstrated outstanding performance, as far as detection rate goes. The security suite identified 99.3% of the malware samples. Only three competing products ended up with higher detection. All the best known antivirus manufacturers of the world scored significantly worse than the top four.

“We are of course delighted by the results of the test,” says Vladislav Němec, chief executive officer of TrustPort. “Our development team has worked hard to take our antivirus technology this far. At the same time, software innovation is a never ending process, meant to satisfy the evolving demands of our clients.” The latest testing results can be seen as a continuation of achievements from the past. TrustPort antivirus technology has been successful in the tests performed by West Coast Labs, Virus Bulletin, and AV-Comparatives recently. As a matter of fact, TrustPort often takes the topmost place of the chart.

TrustPort PC Security and TrustPort Antivirus are suitable for both home and business customers. Under the names TrustPort PC Security Business and TrustPort Antivirus Business, perfect security solutions are available, offering antivirus, antispyware and antispam, everything centrally managed using a single web console. For the protection of whole networks against malware and spam, TrustPort Net Gateway is a great choice.