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TrustPort supports UNICEF with a mobile temporary medical centre

TrustPort, a leading provider of security software, has supported UNICEF by purchasing a special multi-purpose tent, which will be used in emergency cases as a temporary school, or as a medical or nutritional centre.

Vladislav Nemec, CEO at TrustPort, says: “We are glad that our company could be involved in such a project for UNICEF. Our employees have also contributed to purchasing the medical centre together with the company. We are aware here at TrustPort that our living standards are on a much higher level if we compare them with other countries which suffer from wars, natural catastrophes or famine. That is why TrustPort has taken its social responsibility as a common practise.”

Purchasing of this large-sized tent helps children and adults which live in shocking living conditions. The UNICEF organization will use this tent as a mobile temporary clinic, where it will be possible to carry out uncomplicated medical interventions and to store pharmaceuticals supplies. It will also serve as a nutritional center and pediatric treatment room. The tent will contribute to the renewal of schooling in such countries where attending school was made impossible by war or natural catastrophe.

“In crisis situations, such as natural disasters or armed conflicts, children need accessible health care and a feeling of 'normality', which is given by attending school and by contact with their peers. A large tent, which can be used according to current needs as a field hospital or as a mobile school, enables children to receive what is mentioned above. We thank company TrustPort for this significant support – this contribution will help the neediest children”, said Pavla Gomba, CEO at Unicef Czech Republic.