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TrustPort Tools released for markets worldwide

Protecting sensitive data is an irreplaceable part of computer security. Useful tools for data encryption and shredding belong to the standard gear of TrustPort Total Protection. For the needs of businesses or individuals that do not require a full security suite, a new product just entered the market. TrustPort Tools comes as the perfect answer to the potential loss of sensitive data.

“Some of our clients, both existing and potential, have been missing an opportunity to buy a standalone data protection software,” explains Marcela Parolkova, sales director at TrustPort. “So we wanted to give them a product that will keep their confidential data safe. That is what TrustPort Tools is about, in a nutshell.”

TrustPort Tools is modular software, presenting in principle two methods of data encryption. The first one is ideal for businesses, authorities, and institutions that deal with sensitive data of clients or citizens but not on a regular basis. Confidential documents that are not used more than once or twice in a while can be stored in encrypted archives.

Whenever confidential data gets opened and processed on a daily basis, the functionality of drive encryption is at hand. It ensures an automated encryption of files when being copied or moved onto a virtual drive. The user opens and saves documents the same way as with a regular drive, which makes for a really comfortable operation.

Another important feature of the software is data shredding. “There are institutions and companies with absolute necessity of proper data shredding,” says Petr Vanek, research and development director at TrustPort. “Many people still think that it is enough to delete documents. If we talk about sensitive data, then we have to tell them: No, it is not enough.”

TrustPort Tools enables data shredding in eight different ways, depending on the confidentiality of the documents. By default, a three cycle overwriting is used. Using this software, it is very easy to shred automatically frequently used locations like temporary files, surfing history, recycle bin and so on.