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TrustPort unveils two portable antivirus products


If you are used to work on multiple computers, e.g. one in the office, another one at home, and yet another in an internet café, you probably carry your data on a handy USB drive. Protection of computers that you use for work and entertainment varies greatly. Unless you want to jeopardize your data, you should consider securing your portable media. Your flash drive can easily get infested with viruses and become a threat to all poorly secured computers.

In the TrustPort PC Security 2009 and TrustPort Antivirus 2009 products, we have included a rare feature, enabling creation of mobile antivirus on USB drive. This can be used not only for protection of the media itself but also for scanning of any host computer.

In case you do not wish to buy the main version of TrustPort Antivirus but you need to protect your data on a flash drive, we have good news for you. We are introducing two new products to the market, TrustPort Antivirus USB Edition and TrustPort Antivirus U3 Edition. Both of them include some features of the main version, like conventional scanning, heuristic analysis, sandbox test or automatic scanning of newly connected drives. Their major task is to provide on-access protection of the flash drive; they can also scan drives and folders of the host computer on your demand.

Unlike TrustPort Antivirus USB Edition, TrustPort Antivirus U3 Edition is designed solely for U3 smart drives. It is a special version of USB flash drive, enabling the owner to have his applications always at hand and use them on any computer with USB interface. TrustPort Antivirus U3 Edition is one of the first antivirus solutions for this platform. It differs from TrustPort Antivirus USB Edition by compatibility with U3 Launchpad program manager, being supplied on every U3 smart drive. For details about the U3 technology, see its homepage.

Both portable antivirus products are available in English, Czech, German, Spanish and Italian version.