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“...all answers were professional, easily understood and answered what was asked. I place a high priority on support, and can easily say this support was outstanding and one of the best I have experienced.“

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West Coast Labs Checkmark illustrates the quality of TrustPort products

TrustPort Antivirus security product has been thoroughly tested by the well known West Coast Labs. The aim was to test the functionality and performance of this antivirus solution. Based on the tests carried out, TrustPort Antivirus received the Checkmark certification in the categories of Anti-Virus Desktop and Anti-Virus Disinfection. In addition to the periodic awards from Virus Bulletin and from AV-Comparatives, West Coast Labs Checkmark has become another key independent test, confirming the quality of TrustPort Antivirus.

West Coast Labs provides certification in a wide range of test categories, falling within areas of network security, content security, and malware protection. TrustPort Antivirus was tested in two categories of the last mentioned area. In the Anti-Virus Desktop category, the condition for the certification was that the product would detect all malicious codes from a submitted set of in-the-wild viruses. In the Anti-Virus Disinfection category, certification was based on the ability of the product to clean the computer from in-the-wild viruses, collected during the last twelve months.

“This renowned certification is further indication that the customers may completely rely on TrustPort Antivirus in terms of detection and disposal of malware,” commented the event Vladislav Němec, chief executive officer of TrustPort. “It is also good to understand that the certified antimalware technology, being the cornerstone of TrustPort Antivirus, is contained in TrustPort PC Security and TrustPort Net Gateway as well. With all these products, the customers now have a fair assurance of quality.”

To be truly effective, antivirus protection must be used at all entry points of the computer. This is why TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security scan both the internet traffic, meaning incoming mail and browsed websites, and the memory media, connected to the computer. Computer security is further increased by the parental lock technology, which limits browsing of risky categories of websites.

“Our business partners are aware of our software quality but they need to illustrate it, especially to customers from the corporate segment and public administration,” said Marcela Parolková, head of sales department at TrustPort. “Thanks to continuing technological innovations, we have been lately at the top of independent comparative tests of security products. Now we have also acquired the major world certification, West Coast Labs Checkmark. We are sure that our partners will welcome this.”

TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security are designed for both home users and corporate customers. Under the names TrustPort Antivirus Business and TrustPort PC Security Business, top security solutions are available, with central administration of all workstations in a corporate network. TrustPort Management central administration tool offers easy installations, updates and settings of software using a single web interface.