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Your corporate PC network is safe with new TrustPort Net Gateway

Brno, June 5th, 2012 – TrustPort, a leading provider of security software, is today announcing a launch of a new version of their product for the corporate sector - TrustPort Net Gateway. The software consists of an antivirus, antispam and a filtering module, meaning comprehensive protection at the entry point of a company network. It not only captures harmful software even before it gets a chance to infect your end stations and file servers, but it also effectively eliminates spam and stops unwanted web browsing.

Company network administrators will appreciate not only the possibility to operate the program through a web interface and be able to administrate a company network from any location, but also a new user interface, which is more organized and enables streamlined program settings. Every setting change has its own backup and so it is possible to apply such changes later or to simply cancel them. Control of the new version is very intuitive; you can change basic configurations through the “Configuration wizard’’ function, or you can switch off unused applications, utilizing system resources for other applications.

The proxy server of the new version of TrustPort Net Gateway has been completely revamped and optimized for higher performance. The proxy server contains a new module for the checking of visited webpages, which is linked to the “Google Safe Browsing’’ service. Users of inner networks are therefore also protected by an additional form, securing them from visiting harmful websites containing phishing and malware.

TrustPort Net Gateway saves all the data about all the occurrences in both email and web regimes, meaning an administrator can easily generate clearly arranged statistics, which can help them make a more informed decision about the general safety policy of their network.
„The new version of TrustPort Net Gateway accommodates demands of those clients, who already use some form of company network protection, but they also want to have a comprehensive solution without the additional investment for something which they already use. Our product consists of an antivirus, antispam and a filtering module. If a customer is already using a module from another vendor, they may only purchase the modules of Net Gateway that they require for their individual company network. If for example they are searching for a solution to help them get rid of large quantities of spam, they should choose the antispam module, when wanting protection against malware, the antivirus module should be chosen“, says Sales Director at TrustPort, Marcela Parolkova.