Why become a partner of TrustPort?

The partner network is an integral part of successful sales of our products. We value our partners and always maintain mutually active relationships which benefit both parties. In order to continually benefit our partners, we have set up very favorable conditions which include the following:


  • high margins, increasing with the turnover of sales
  • simple online ordering of products
  • online training for gaining knowledge of the products
  • sales, marketing, and technical support
  • personal manager handling your account

What are technical support options for my customers?

Standard support for our customers is the TrustPort Basic level. It comes automatically when you purchase the product. If your client requires additional support, it is possible to prepay TrustPort VIP level. The support options are as follows:

TrustPort Basic

  • system updates via the internet
  • telephone hot-line operating week days from 8:00 am to 16:00 pm
  • the possibility to send requests via email, guaranteed answer within 24 hours (week days)
  • access to the helpdesk system
  • sending of information about new threats and new product features
  • support through chat ICQ/MSN

TrustPort VIP

  • assigned technician and separate phone line specializing in technical support which can be used by your customer as much as required (week days between 8:00 am and 16:00 pm)
  • prioritized access to technical support after 16:00
  • non stop assistant service, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day; for critical situations specified in the contract (if the customer’s system functions are threatened)
  • contractually guaranteed response time for phone messages, email messages, SMS
  • remote application configuration with the help of terminal
  • access to the helpdesk system
  • regular sending of information about new threats and new developments
  • support through chat ICQ/MSN
  • analysis and evaluation of suspicious files by our technicians

The scope and content of services are optional and may affect the final cost. Notify us if you wish us to provide other services for you.