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‘Sherlock Holmes‘ by TrustPort analyses data flow on the Internet

Brno, March 12th, 2014 - TrustPort company, a major producer of security software solutions, is launching its new product to the market and will be doing so during the CeBIT trade fair, where the TrustPort Threat Intelligence program is going to be introduced to customers. This program is based on the innovative technology called "Gray Cortex" which has been invented during a five-year academic research project at a technical university.

This new technology specializes primarily on detection of anomalous recent threats, such as APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), RAT (Remote Access Trojans), Zero-Day attacks, polymorphic malware, harmful behavior of employees and other attacks that leek through regular detection mechanisms. The working principle of TrustPort Threat Intelligence detection technology is based on the analysis of network data flow, uses up-to-date methods of Artificial Intelligence, and incorporates a great number of previously published detection algorithms as well as brand-new ones.

We continuously follow new online threats. Those of software security solutions which were suitable for corporate systems five years ago are absolutely inadequate today. Hackers never sleep and keep coming up with new ways to reach sensitive corporate data. I am convinced that TrustPort Threat Intelligence will take the ICT security of companies to a higher level. It is a kind of a corporate ‘Sherlock Holmes’ that every computer network manager must embrace,” said Pavel Mrnustik, CEO at TrustPort.

TrustPort Threat Intelligence was designed to monitor network infrastructure, the network incident process and its visualization. To be able to face a wide range of various threats, it uses tools for network behavior analysis (NBA, NBAD), detection of known attacks and malware (IDS), a data collector for monitoring network data flow and many more components.

The program excels thanks to fast detection of previously unknown attacks and precise evaluation of network data flow enabled by the use of the behavioral model. With TrustPort Threat Intelligence, results are displayed every minute and the corporate network stays absolutely secure. On top of that, this program is highly reliable and stable during long term application into the current corporate network, and is extremely easy and intuitive.

I firmly believe that network administrators in big companies or public administration offices will get to like this product for its well-arranged output, intuitive control, highly effective detection, stability and reliability. Last but not least, TrustPort Threat Intelligence can help save a considerable amount of money,” Pavel Mrnustik added.