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TrustPort successfully defended the 1st notch in the detection of malware


Brno, July 9th, 2013 – The TrustPort company, a producer of antivirus software and applications for mobile platforms, is today announcing results of the last test of the independent testing laboratory Virus Bulletin. TrustPort Antivirus, as in the past, achieved the best reactive and proactive detection of malware (RAP).

Dual-engine TrustPort can usually be relied upon to produce some excellent scores. The deployment is speedy...; the interface is a little unusual, but reasonably simple to operate, providing some decent controls...,” says John Hawes, Test Team Director of VB100, about the TrustPort Antivirus product. “Detection, as we predicted, was superb, the product demolishing our Response sets and brushing aside the core sets too, easily earning it a VB100 award. Recent test history is good, with five passes from five attempts in the last six tests,” adds Hawes.

There were more than thirty vendors listed in the last comparative test by Virus Bulletin. Their products were subject to a range of tests, focused on both on-demand and on-access scanning, evaluating reactive and proactive detection techniques, as well as taking into account performance criteria. The final clean sets came in at 820,000 files, just under 200 GB of data. The testing was conducted under the Windows Server 2012 platform. TrustPort Antivirus won the first place with a success rate of 98.93 % and with 0% of false alarms.

We are delighted with these results as they further substantiate the strength of our technology and the superior features of the products that we offer. We continuously improve our technology of multi-engine scanning, which means superb detection of malware and zero false positives,” commented Pavel Mrnustik, Chief Executive Officer at TrustPort.