The ideal software solution for the credible and discreet exchange of documents. It secures documents using electronic signature, and secures document content via encryption. It therefore offers secure communications in the insecure internet environment.

Encryption and signing
for your documents.

  • Electronic signature
  • Reliable encryption
  • Time stamping
  • PDF signing
  • PDF encryption
  • PDF time stamping





Electronic signing and verification

By a simple method you can secure one or more documents with an electronic signature. Simply highlight the documents, right-click, and choose the appropriate command from the local menu. The validity of electronic signatures can just as easily be verified thanks to the options from the local menu.

Signing and encryption wizard

The signing and encryption wizard provides a clear and quick working with the documents. Its first page gives you a choice of what to do with the document. It offers you signing of the document, encryption of the document, time stamping, and simultaneous signing and encryption. In the case of a received document, it will guide you through decryption and signature verification.

Time stamping

Along with the electronic signature, the document can also be secured by a time stamp. It provides an indisputable verification of the time when the document was signed, guaranteed by an independent time stamp authority. Usually the time stamp authority is part of a certification authority. By default, time stamp authority of TrustPort is being used.

Processing of PDF documents

This software allows encryption, signing, and time stamping of PDF documents, without having to use expensive original software for PDF editing. For both decryption of the document, and for signature verification, the recipient does not need to have any other software installed, other than Adobe Reader, which is free. Our software is indeed universally applicable, regardless of the installed software the recipient has installed on their computer.

Obtaining a digital certificate

A condition for signing electronic documents is the ownership of a digital certificate. The software, based on the information provided by you, will generate a request which you can send to the certification authority of your choice. The certification authority verifies the request, and then issues you a digital certificate. Before you have your certificate issued, review the conditions laid down by the certification authority.

Protected storages for certificates and encryption keys

A valid digital certificate can be imported into a protected storage. After it has been stored, the certificate is ready to be used for signing. The purpose of the protected storage is to prevent theft and misuse of certificates. The software distinguishes in particular local and portable storages. Local storages are located on the hard drive, and portable storages are located on tokens or smart cards.

Recommended system requirements

  • Procesor Intel Pentium II
  • 64 MB operating memory
  • 20 MB free disk space


Operating systems supported

Operating system TrustPort eSign Pro
Microsoft® Windows® 7
Microsoft® Windows® 2008
Microsoft® Windows® Vista
Microsoft® Windows® 2003
Microsoft® Windows® XP


Language versions

Language TrustPort eSign Pro



Installation file

TrustPort eSign Pro – 30-day fully functional trial version



Product leaflet

License agreement



User guide


If you need more information about this product, please consult the user manual, which is included in the product. You can also send us your query using the web form in the section Support.


Why choose TrustPort?

If you ask yourself, why to use TrustPort eSign Pro and not one of the competing products, the following table can give you an answer. The table was made with a focus on products, able of electronic signing of PDF. In terms of the combination of available functions and  a reasonable price, TrustPort eSign is the ideal solution.


TrustPort eSign Pro

Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat


2.0 9 9 Standard


TrustPort Adobe Adobe

Brief software description

software for signing and encryption of documents

 original software
  for reading of PDF

 original software for creation and editing of PDF

Electronic signing
of any document

after converting to PDF

Time stamping
of any document

after converting to PDF

Asymmetric encryption
of any document

after converting to PDF

Creation of a separated signature


TrustPort eSign Pro

Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat

Signing PDF documents

PDF with signing rights only

Timestamping PDF documents

PDF with signing rights only

Encrypting PDF

Visual PDF signature

PDF with signing rights only

Multiple PDF signing

Signing PDF
by multiple users