On access security for portable storage media against all harmful codes. It installs directly to the media and automatically runs after being connected to any computer. The software can be deployed on USB flash drives used by company employees, thus achieving a significant improvement of security to data transfers within the company, and also outside the company.

Reliable portable data protection

  • On access protection of media
  • Scanning of any media
  • Data protection by encryption
  • Reliable data shredding
  • Automatic Updates





Antivirus and antispyware

The storage medium is protected by on access control for the entire duration it is connected to the computer. The software monitors all saved files and will not allow the copying of any malicious codes. In addition, the medium can also be used as a portable antivirus, which can be used to scan any computer in the network.

Proactive protection

An antivirus normally compares the data with a database of known malicious codes, and thus reveals the most viruses. In the critical period between the onset of the virus and its inclusion in the database, proactive protection is able to recognize the malware according to suspicious behavior or its structure.

Encryption and shredding

Data stored on portable storage media in the unfortunate case of loss may come into the wrong hands. To prevent this loss, the software can reliably encrypt and decrypt all your data. It can also irreversibly shred all unwanted data.

Economical solution

The unbeatable value for money, and features offered by this solution make it the number one choice for securing portable media. If your network users often use portable storage media for the transfer of files from computer to computer, this software will ensure the security at an affordable price of a relatively uncovered area.

Broad compatibility

The software can be installed on various types of storage media. Most commonly these are USB flash drives, but can also be used on memory cards.

Recommended system requirements

  • Intel® Pentium IV processor or compatible
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 130 MB free space on the chosen memory medium

Operating systems supported

Operating system TrustPort USB Antivirus
Microsoft® Windows® 7
Microsoft® Windows® 8 (x86 and x64)
Microsoft® Windows® Vista
Microsoft® Windows® XP
Microsoft® Windows® 2003
Microsoft® Windows® 2000


Language TrustPort USB Antivirus


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Instalation file

TrustPort USB Antivirus Business – 30-day fully functional trial version

Our tip

TrustPort Antivirus – 30-day fully functional trial version for perfect protection of your workstations



Licence agreement


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