TrustPort Trustee
  • Antivirus protection based on TrustPort’s engine
  • Resident shield – on-access scanning
  • Contacts backup on memory card
  • Geolocation – a useful tool for the loss of a mobile phone
  • Blocking of outgoing and incoming calls and SMS’s
  • Safe web surfing
  • Geofencing – perfect overview of your children location





TrustPort Mobile Security is able to scan on demand each installed application or each downloaded file. If you download or update an application, TrustPort Mobile Security scans this application automatically, and if necessary, you are easily able to uninstall such suspicious application. TrustPort Mobile Security offers not only the function of scanning your phone on demand, but it also offers a resident shield – on access scanning, as main protection against malware. 

Web shield

The TrustPort Mobile Security application enables you to browse the internet safely on your phone, because it effectively scans all URL addresses which you visit and it prevents you from accessing websites with malicious codes.

Application manager

Thanks to this function, it is possible to end or uninstall a currently running process or application. Application manager also shows the list of all installed applications, or those which are currently running. It will warn you about any dangerous applications, which can possibly jeopardize your smart phone, and enables you to uninstall them. It is also possible to display a full list of all authorizations which will be required by the specific application, meaning you will have a coherent summary of all activities.


This feature guards your phone at all times. If you lose your phone, it will find it thanks to the geolocation function. All you have to do is simply send an SMS to your lost phone, and you will receive back an SMS with the exact GPS coordinates, where your device is located.

Data backup

Your contacts will be safe with this feature, because it offers the option of storing all your contacts on a memory card, in an encrypted database

Phone call and SMS filter

A user can also create their own blacklist and whitelist for blocking of outgoing and incoming calls and SMS’s according to their own requirements. This feature enables the user to define so-called forbidden dialling codes. This function is especially useful for premium rate SMS’s or for expensive phone lines.


The geofencing feature allows a smartphone user to set up a specific radius or area. So when a device exits the boundaries defined by the user, a text message is sent. This feature is very useful because it can notify parents if a child leaves a designated area or sends an alert if a mobile phone is stolen.

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Operating systems supported


Operating system TrustPort Mobile Security
Android 2.2 version or higher

Installation file

TrustPort Mobile Security – fully functional version for Android


Our tip

TrustPort Total Protection – 30-day fully functional trial version



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