TrustPort Pictura
Pictura allows secure storing and encoding not only of private photographs in JPG and PHG formats, but also documents in PDF, TXT, DOC, XLS and PPT formats. Chosen files and documents can be secured with a password against unauthorized access. If you happen to lose your smartphone, nobody will be able to access your sensitive photographs and documents without knowing the password. Support of data import and export between your smartphone and computer is taken for granted.

Reliable guardian for your private pictures and documents

  • encryption of your photographs
  • encryption of documents
  • protection of private data while your smartphone is lost
  • data import and export




Secure photograph and document storage

The application allows users to safely store not only sensitive photographs in JPG and PNG formats, but also other documents in PDF, TXT, DOC, XLS and PPT formats.

Encrypted files

Users can secure each file with a password against unauthorized access. After typing the correct password, Pictura will offer users a display of encrypted photographs in previews.

Sharing pictures

Thanks to the Pictura application, users can easily copy photographs from the Camera roll into one or more files. The application allows users to enlarge a picture in to full resolution, zoom in on a picture, share it via email or MMS, share it on Facebook or Twitter, attach it to a contact, and print it or save it in the Camera roll.

Data import and export via iTunes

Pictura supports data import and export via iTunes in the PC. The application will be connected with your PC through iTunes, thus users can easily copy and paste photographs or private data to the shared directory. It is also possible to download this information into prepared encrypted or standard directories, and after work with them. If a user wants to place a chosen document or picture back into their PC, they will use the iTunes function again.

Connecting with social networks and printing

Users of iOS6 can export chosen pictures and documents to Twitter, Facebook, or they can print them (the Pictura application running on devices with iOS5 allows print export only).


pictura-ios-1.png pictura-ios-2.png pictura-ios-3.png pictura-ios-4.png pictura-ios-5.png pictura-ios-6.png

Operating systems supported


Operating system TrustPort Pictura
iPhone with iOS version 5, 6 and above

Installation file

TrustPort Pictura – fully functional version for iOS


Our tip

TrustPort Total Protection – 30-day fully functional trial version



License agreement


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