TrustPort Portunes
Secure your SMS and emails and send them to your friends! If you want to prevent other people from reading your sensitive messages, the Skytale application is the only solution for you! Nobody else can read your confidential messages except the recipient who is the only one who knows the secret password. Your messages will always be secure during data transfer between phones. Not even your mobile provider or any fraudster will be able to decode your private message.





  • Encryption of SMS and short text messages in emails
  • Supports most used email clients
  • Encryption of up to six SMS’s at once (up to 960 characters)
  • The strongest encryption (256 AES) in one click
  • Option of sending an encrypted message to more recipients
  • Simple user interface
  • Secured data transfer
  • Standalone application for Android, iPhone
  • Integrated into TrustPort products (TrustPort Internet Security, TrustPort Total Protection and TrustPort Tools)


device-2012-08-08-155823.png device-2012-08-08-160158.png device-2012-08-08-160353.png device-2012-08-08-160500.png device-2012-08-08-160526.png device-2012-08-08-160559.png


skytale-iphone6.png skytale-iphone1.png skytale-iphone3.png skytale-iphone8.png skytale-iphone5.png skytale-iphone7.png

Recommended system requirements of the endpoint computer

Recommended system requirements for the Portunes desktop application, which is integrated into the following TrustPort products: TrustPort Internet Security, TrustPort Total Protection, TrustPort Tools.

  • Intel® Pentium IV processor or compatible
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 500 MB free disc space

Operating systems supported


Operating system TrustPort Skytale
iOS 5.0 version
Android 2.2 version or higher

Installation file

TrustPort Skytale – fully functional version for iPhone and iPad

TrustPort Skytale – fully functional version for MacBooks

TrustPort Skytale – fully functional version for Android


Our tip

TrustPort Total Protection – 30-day fully functional trial version



Skytale video

License agreement


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