The mobile solution for the secure transmission of data on interchangeable memory media for example flash disks or memory cards. Prevents the copying of harmful code onto memory media, carries out antivirus tests on any host computer. Enables the encryption of files against unauthorized entry and offers the reliable shredding of private data which is no longer in use.

Security for your data whenever and wherever

  • Antivirus and antispyware
  • Permanent protection of media
  • Scanning of any computer
  • Data protection by encryption
  • Reliable data shredding
  • Automated updates






Antivirus protection

As soon as the memory medium is connected to a given computer the resident protection is activated. This prevents the storing of harmful code on the given medium. So you don’t have to worry that while using a computer with an unknown level of security your USB flash disk or memory card will be infected.

Scanning on demand

According to your needs you can launch a scan of the computer on which you are working with your portable memory media. In the event of harmful code being found, the file will be renamed, moved to quarantine or deleted depending on the settings.

Proactive protection

Between the arrival of new harmful code and its classification in the virus database there is a critical period when the computer is most vulnerable. Fortunately this antivirus program is able to recognize a virus not only from the database but also on the basis of its structure and behaviour.

Encrypted data

The program enables sensitive data to be stored in the encrypted archive of a USB flash disk or memory card in case of loss or theft. The creation and extraction of data from the archive, entry and deletion of files are all at your disposal in the form of the intuitive interface.

Secure shredding

It is important to delete sensitive confidential data after it is no longer in use in a way that no one can reconstruct it. For this task the program offers secure shredding as the disused files are repeatedly overwritten with random data. You can choose from eight levels of security in shredding.

Universal use

The program isn’t installed on the computer’s hard drive but on a separate memory medium. This medium can be for example a USB flash disk or a memory card in any format.

Recommended system requirements

  • Intel® Pentium IV processor or compatible
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 130 MB free space on the chosen memory medium


Operating systems supported


Operating system TrustPort USB Antivirus
Microsoft® Windows® 7
Microsoft® Windows® 8 (x86and x64)
Microsoft® Windows® Vista
Microsoft® Windows® XP



Language TrustPort USB Antivirus


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USB2015-5.png USB2015-6.png USB2015-7.png USB2015-8.png

Installation files

TrustPort USB Antivirus – 30-day fully functional trial version


Our tip

TrustPort Antivirus – 30-day fully functional trial version for perfect protection of your workstations



Licence agreement



User guide


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How do the basic and portable versions differ?

If you are interested in the differences between the basic and portable versions of TrustPort Antivirus, the table below gives an overview..

Features TrustPort Antivirus TrustPort USB Antivirus
On-access computer protection  
On-demand computer protection
On-access memory media protection
Archive encryption
Secure data shredding