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TrustPort wins 1st place in detection of malware and retains the VB100 award!

Brno, January 2nd, 2013 - The independent testing laboratory Virus Bulletin issued on the 20th of December results of 33 worldwide antivirus products. The tests were conducted on the new Windows 8 platform. TrustPort Antivirus ranked in the first place with its 95,25 % score in detection of malware, whilst the product did not report any false positives.


“Detection was of course superb – near flawless in the Response sets and very good even in the proactive part of the RAP test. The WildList was covered impeccably, and with no issues in the clean sets either TrustPort easily earns a VB100 award“, said John Hawes, Virus Bulletin.

The RAP value shows the ability of a product to detect not only known malicious codes discovered in the past, but also new security threats, which have risen in the last few hours. Thanks to its heuristic analysis, TrustPort Antivirus can also detect viruses which are not known yet. The result of the proactive testing is very important, because only timely and precise detection of the newest malicious codes can ensure full security of a user’s computer.

„TrustPort Antivirus uses powerful technology with more scanning engines, which are implemented into the unique TrustPort platform. Thanks to this special integration of 3rd-parties-engines into our product, TrustPort Antivirus attains much better results than separate scanning engines of the manufactures. This is obvious not only because of the exceptional results connected with detection, but also because of the shorter installation time of our antivirus solution and less CPU usage“, says Pavel Mrnustik, CEO at TrustPort.

„Paradoxically, other top AV manufactures were missing from the TOP 5 of the latest December Virus Bulletin test. We are also very pleased that according to the results of the Virus Bulletin laboratory (RAP Average Quadrant May-Dec 2012), TrustPort Antivirus belongs to the TOP 5 products with the best detection of malware in the last year. Meaning, TrustPort has reasserted that its place at the top is not accidental. To maintain one’s lead for a long period is proof of the product’s quality”, adds Marcela Parolkova, Sales Director at TrustPort.

More information:

Comparative graph of both the reactive and proactive detection (December 2012): http://bit.ly/UGeiUV
The test result of TrustPort Antivirus (percentage) http://bit.ly/Uj0qOv

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