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Before you decide to contact support, we recommend that you try to find the information needed in the Technical FAQ and Sales FAQ.

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I am using an application for which TrustPort Personal Firewall does not have a predefined rule. What should I do?

You have to create your own rule that allows the kind of communication that the application requires. You have the following options:

  • You can create the rule using the wizard that appears during the detection of communication with this application.
  • You can create new rule from a predefined rule.
  • You can create new rule from a selected log record.
  • You can make a completely new rule. Tthis option enables the widest configuration possibilities but is recommended for advanced users.

If you choose to create rule from a log record, make sure firewall logging is enabled. You can check the status of the firewall log by double-clicking TrustPort Center in the system tray, and selecting TrustPort Personal Firewall > Firewall Log from the list to the left. A new firewall rule can be created under TrustPort Personal Firewall > Filter Definitions, using the Add button.