Support levels

TrustPort Basic, free, for all customers

  • Updates via the internet
  • E-mail hot-line, Mon-Fri 8.00-16.00 CET
  • Helpdesk system

TrustPort VIP, prepaid, for business customers

  • Basic support included
  • Optional additional services


Before you decide to contact support, we recommend that you try to find the information needed in the Technical FAQ and Sales FAQ.

Sales support:

Technical support:

Other queries:

Tel.: +420 541 244 471
Fax: +420 541 235 038

Postal address:

TrustPort a. s.
Purkyňova 2845/101
612 00 Brno, Czech Republic

What is TrustPort Personal Firewall, and what are its characteristics?

TrustPort Personal Firewall, being a part of TrustPort Total Protection, is a firewall on your computer which protects all incoming and outgoing Internet traffic against hackers, network attacks, and malicious codes. In addition to basic security settings levels, rules can also be defined for all types of communications through the network. There is also a rich set of predefined rules from the manufacturer.

After a new installation on your PC, a new window will open which will prompt you to confirm unknown connections to the network. You can also automatically create new custom rules for the environment of your PC.

Basic features:

  • Protects the PC against hacker attacks.
  • Creates a secure gateway for all network connections.
  • Several adjustable levels of protection.
  • Automatic wizard for unknown types of communications.
  • Set rules for each IP address or range.
  • Pre-defined set of rules for different types of connections.
  • Import and export settings and rules for better administration.

Advanced features:

  • Module Personal Firewall Configuration for easy setting of rules.
  • Diagnostic Tool "Ping" with an intuitive interface.
  • Module Traffic Watcher to monitor network traffic.
  • "WhoIs" client to identify domain names.
  • "Geo Network Client" for geographical location of communicating servers.