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TrustPort launching a new website and a summer special

From the beginning of July, TrustPort is launching its brand new corporate website. Customers, partners, journalists, and other users can look forward to a modern website, which is simple to navigate around and where all necessary information can be easily located. To help mark this occasion, TrustPort will also begin its summer special with a massive 40% discount on TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security products.

The new website offers a transparent structure and simple navigation. The website is characterized by a clean graphic design, building further on the elegant metallic look, which the company has been using since autumn last year. The website has also been created to provide maximum relevant information for its visitors.

"The new website is an essential step in our sales and marketing strategy," adds Vladislav Němec, Chief Executive Officer of TrustPort. "It will enhance public awareness of our solutions, and will create more efficient communication with our trading partners. There are also improvements in the area of product purchasing and technical support."

The information and functional value of the new website will be appreciated by all its visitors. Customers looking for suitable security software will find all the necessary product information in an efficient and comprehensive manner. Customers, who have already purchased the software, will easily find answers to their questions. If they have further problems, they also have the option to send their queries to sales and technical support.

A separate section of the website, aimed at TrustPort’s trading partners, summarizes the principles of the partnership program. "We want to present the benefits of selling our products to our potential and existing partners in a more informative way," explains Marcela Parolková, Head of the Sales Department at TrustPort. "In addition to high profit margins and broad vendor support, I would also stress the personal approach to our partners, which distinguishes us from the competition."

The new TrustPort website located at www.trustport.com will temporarily be available in the English and Czech language only, mainly based at American, Australian, British, Canadian, Czech and Slovak users. The launch of the Spanish and German language versions will occur in the near future. Spanish and German speaking users can in the meanwhile use the existing website.

The launch of the new website will also mark the start of the summer special aimed at award winning security products TrustPort Antivirus and TrustPort PC Security, for one, three or five computers. A massive discount of 40% will apply for the whole summer. Customers will be able to purchase top end virus protection for their desktops and laptops at a completely unbeatable price. This discount does not apply to products for the protection of portable data storage media, TrustPort USB Antivirus and TrustPort U3 Antivirus.