TrustPort leads the summary of VB tests!

Virus Bulletin, respected independent testing laboratory, published the summary of latests tests. TrustPort is on the top!

March 23, 2017

All of our customers already know that they can really rely on our products. Whatever you do online, you can be sure that with TrustPort´s protection you do not have to worry about virus infections, malware storms or other unpleasant security accidents. Now, all of this is confirmed (again) by the results of the independent testing laboratory of Virus Bulletin. This time, people at Virus Bulletin published their unique RAP quadrant which sums the results of all tests within the last 6 months, and TrustPort is on the top of the list.

Latest RAP quadrant virus bulletin

When quoting the Virus Bulletin, we could highlight these statements:

"TrustPort's products have been stalwarts of our tests for many years now and can usually be relied upon to produce excellent detection levels thanks to their multi-engine approach."

"The GUI came in a fairly attractive pale blue, with some nice clear information on the surface and a good set of options under the hood."

"Detection was excellent."

"Performance measures show very reasonable resource consumption for a dual-engine product."

These are very kind words to hear, and also this is the motivation why we always strive to do something more.

Of course you can see the complete RAP quadrant on the Virus Bulletin site. And after the reading, you should be sure that there is only one correct answer to all security questions.



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