Be careful - there are unknown threats out there!

Take a look at the latest statistics which shows us that there is still a lot of potential unknown threats on the internet.

February 18, 2016
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January 2016 statistics show us that there is still lot of attacks which are marked as unknown. We know a lot of about techniques and methods, but there is still a dark jungle of new unknown things which can harm our computers.

What is the motivation?

No surprises that the majority of attacks is motivated by cyber crime activities (60%). This main reason is followed by hacktivism activities (28%), and by cyber warfare and espionage (12% altogether). It still looks like hackers and attackers are attracted by sensitive data which can bring them a profit.

What are the techniques?

As we already stated before, the biggest amount of attacks is made by an unknown technique which is harder to detect. This first place is followed by DDoS technique (22%), account hijacking (14%) and defacements, targeted attacks, SQLi, malvertising, malware and code backdoor (30% altogether). That means that it is really necessary to be ready for unknown threats and have a solution which is able to detect them.

The solution?

You will never know what hackers and cyber attackers are developing at the moment, but it is really worth it to have a solution which is capable to detect also unknown threats. You can use Google for such solution or you can save your time and use one of our products. Because we can detect both known threats and unknown methods based attacks. So, just go to our store and get a TrustPort product to save you from unknown things...

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