Tips how to be cool!

No, we are not a fashion magazine and we won´t help you look better. But what about a small summary of what to do to be cool and secured when working on your computer?

February 24, 2016
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Year 2016 is here with us for already two months, but we believe that it is never too late to remind ourselves some basics of a computer´s security. So, here is a small and quite brief list of basic and useful tips for protection of your computer or laptop. Keep on reading..

Use a powerful password

These days, once perfect password like 12345 or iamsuperman, are not so strong and it is really worth it to focus on a password which would be hard to break. It´s good to focus mainly on length (ideally at least 12 characters), using of symbols, numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and using some new words of yourselves or not so widespread words could also help.

Always set your firewall on

Firewall is the important tool to control of the network traffic and serves as a filter which allows or rejects data packets from the network. It protects you against the outside online world and when you have your firewall set on, it is much harder for attackers to get to your sensitive information stored in your computer.

Carefully with all the files

A lot of viruses and attacks are successul only thanks to a lax attitude of users to various files from the internet or e-mail. When you are on an unreliable or a weird looking website, rather do not download anything from it because there is a big probability that such file will contain a virus or spyware. Similar situation is connected with attachments in your e-mail, and always be careful when opening a file from an unknown source or with a strange name. Also a good tip is to observe the e-mail of the sender and when the address looks suspicious, do not open anything from this e-mail and rather delete it immediately.

Back up as much as you can

You probably have a lot of private or work files and precious memories in your computer and it would be a great harm to lose it somehow forever. You can lose your sensitive files both by an attack or „simply“ by a death of your hard drive. Even accidential erasing caused a lot of tears over lost memories. In all cases it is good to have your files backed up on an external hard-drive or maybe on a cloud storage. Don´t forget to back up your data regularly and very useful is to use an encryption of your backed up information.

Update your computer regularly

Lot of people often forget that their computer needs regular updates to be really in a good form. Every update of every application or operation system usually brings improvements which can enhance security and very often these updates are also connected with improving of performance of your computer. Updating is always a good thing for your computer. Remember that.

Have an antivirus software

Of course we are company which produces antivirus software but it is not the purpose of this article to only promote our own products. An antivirus software is the main protecting tool of your computer in the battle against viruses (all those worms, trojans and a lot of other little monsters) and in today´s world which is full of online threats, it is really essential to be protected by such software. During the process of deciding which one to install, it is good to read reviews and evaluate whether you want it for free or you are able to pay something. Because even on the antivirus software market it is true that „free“ doesn´t mean „the best“. And of course, we are here to save you some precious time, so you don´t have to find your suitable antivirus because we got it – and Virus Bulletin magazine proves it! So, simply go to our product area and get the best proactive and reactive detection with our products!

P.S.: yes, we piffled a bit – we wanted to promote our own products in this article ((: