TrustPort´s support for blind or partially sighted people!

TrustPort now enables using by partially sighted or blind people. Get to know more in our latest article.

February 21, 2017

Being online is kind of essential thing for present time. We all are communicating with people all around the world and draw information from various sources. Literally said, if you´re not online, it´s like you´re not living.

Unfortunately, not all of us are granted with a perfect eyesight. But also these people want to be online. And secured against all threats which are also an inextricable part of today´s online world. And because TrustPort is known not only for the really reliable security software but also for being the innovative developing company, it´s not a coincidence that TrustPort developer the feature enabling partially sighted or blind people to work with its software.

In the newest version of TrustPort products you can find the feature which enables voice guide for working with our software. Thanks to that, all partially sighted or blind people are able to setup their security software for being safe within the time in the online world. They are also able to run antivirus check on demand, check for updates, and generally to control the software completely.

We are happy that we have developed such feature and that we can enable people who don´t have or lost such very important sense to feel normal again.