Mail Antispam settings

By enabling the Check emails for spam option you can enable scanning your email communication for unsolicited emails. Such emails will be marked as SPAM and you can manage them in your email client. Warning! This option affects the monitoring of post in all used e-mail clients.

By clicking on the Advanced... button another window (shown on the picture below) will appear.

  • Spam/Ham Threshold - Here you can set the ratio by which emails will be divided to solicited (ham) and unsolicited group (spam). The range is 0 - 10,000, the default value is 5,000. Increasing the value will cause smaller probability of passing a spam email without marking but also higher probablity of marking a solicited email as a spam.
  • Add Header - Here you can specify a header that will be added to an email in case of being infected.
  • Subject Modification - The text specified here will be put to the subject in front of the original text.

By clicking on the White list... or Black list... button you can control the lists of e-mail addresses, which are not scanned for spam.

In the White list there are e-mail addresses of senders who do not send unsolicited e-mails. Their e-mails are never marked as spam. The Black list contains e-mail addresses, which are sources of unsolicited e-mails. E-mail from any of these senders is always marked as a spam.

You can add a new address by clicking on the Add button, edit an address by the Edit button or detele it by the Delete button.

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