Parent lock

Parental Lock’s function is to block children's access to inappropriate web content. However it allows pages that are appropriate for the child and basically prohibits those that could have an adverse effect. TrustPort Antivirus can be set to filter either on the base of a preset database of inappropriate Web sites, or you can create a specific list of URLs of sites to block.

With Use Parental lock button the Parental Lock and all its functionality is ether enabled or disabled. Using the heuristic method, Trustport Antvirus seeks to classify the site according to forbidden words. This method is slower, and we recommend that you set it, unless you are using filtering by category.

The Password settings button acts as a preventive measure against unauthorized children’s access into the system, it enables the parents to set their own password for access. Access to TrustPort Antivirus control options always requires a password after a new start.

The Add.. button acts to add a new user. According to pre-set values choose the Object name and Locations, in the select field Enter the object names to select that you want to find (such as Computer _1, User_1 ..). In the link "Examples" a hint is hidden with several useable syntaxes for correct filling in of the field. If there is no user profile created, TrustPort Antivirus works from the settings from "the default profile." These settings are inherited by all other developed profiles. User profiles may be added only to existing users.

Bookmark Advanced is increased by field Common queries. This field is activated when the computer is in the domain and set in the way of filtering users from searching. Clicking on Find Now automatically lists for the given folder and set list all the potential users for the creation of profiles.

Profiles in the list can be edited with the Settings button. In this window you can choose the categories you want to block from the children, or specific URL’s whose access will be denied. An example of an URL may be, However we recommend using the star convention *, or *sex*, because of the relative links to these pages. In the Exceptions tab, then define the URLs that TrustPort Antivirus will ignore in the setting of blocked content.

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