Web Scanner settings

Web Scanner serves for protection of your computer against viruses when surfing the Internet. You can enable/disable its function by using the Use Web Scanner option.

You can set whether to display an icon in tray if download of a certain file lasts more than the specified number of seconds. By clicking this icon you can see the download progress. It is also possible to enable/disable displaying balloon tip above this icon which explains you why you can't see any download progress information in your browser.

By checking the Exclude following content types option you can activate the list of mime types which you don't want to scan for malicious codes.

You can add a new item by clicking on the Add... button. A new window where you can specify the content-type and subtype will appear. Wild cards are not allowed! By double-clicking on a particular item of the list or selecting an item and then clicking on the Edit... button you can edit the particular type. You can delete any item by selecting it and then clicking on the Delete button.

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